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How to prevent pests in your Gold Coast property

By Andrew Bell

Pests are the side of home living that nobody likes to talk about. As much as we ignore it, pest infestation an issue that people often don’t see coming, and whether major or minor is a problem that most Gold Coast properties experience at some stage. That being said, a number of pest problems are preventable with a little extra care and cleaning – here are our tips to mitigate the risk.

What are common household pests in the Gold Coast?

  • Cockroaches
    If there’s anything that cockroaches love, it’s dirty dishes. Cockroaches breed incredibly quickly, spreading bacteria everywhere they go. The last thing you want is for cockroaches to work their way into your kitchen – they’ll contaminate your food and cooking utensils.
  • Fleas
    Fleas aren’t only an issue for your pets. These tiny creatures burrow their way into carpets, rugs and couches, and can quickly become an infestation if not treated quickly.
  • Wasps
    While we all should be team bee, and encourage productive pollinators into our gardens, it’s important not to confuse them with their aggressive look-alikes, wasps. Not only do wasps eat bees, but they have a nasty sting.
  • Cats
    We’re not talking about your household furry friends here – feral or stray cats are common in the Gold Coast and are characterised by a lack of human interaction. Don’t be fooled by their familiar appearance – these cats often prey on domesticated pets and are prone to scratching and biting those that approach them.
  • Rodents
    Small and scrappy, mice and rats can chew through walls and into your home. Rodents are known carriers of disease and can be a risk to your family.

How can I keep pests out of my home?

Though these pests are common, there are plenty of ways to make sure your home isn’t at risk of an infestation.

1. Clean your kitchen

It’s no secret that the kitchen quickly becomes a magnet for insects like flies or cockroaches when dirty dishes are left about. Make sure that all of your benches and splash-backs are wiped off after cooking and free of any crumbs or sauces.

2. Manage your airflow

Especially in the heat of the summer, it’s hard to reach a balance between having a cool house and avoiding being swarmed by mosquitos. Here, screen doors are the perfect investment. Not only do they promote proper ventilation, but you’ll reduce the risk of insects and rodents creeping into your house.

Of course, if you are successfully keeping pests out, you may also prevent any that do make it inside from escaping. As soon as you spot any insects or cobwebs, sort the problem as soon as possible to nip the nest in the bud.

3. Sort out your bins

It’s a job nobody wants to do, but regularly taking out the household rubbish bin quickly reduces the likelihood of insects and rodents setting up home in your trash bag. This includes ensuring that your compost bin doesn’t get too full, and that you stir it regularly, as the food scraps and moisture attract all kinds of pests, including stray cats.

4. Vacuum and dust

Carpets can be a breeding ground for fleas and ticks. Keeping up with the household vacuuming and dusting means that you’ll reduce the potential for cobwebs and unwanted insects making a home.

The most important thing to keep in mind when dealing with pests is to solve issues as soon as possible. This includes discussing areas of concern with your landlord, or maintaining a cleaning system to make sure your home is getting regular maintenance. A clean house has less risk of pest infestation than those that have been neglected or are in a state of disarray.

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