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6 ways to cool your home this summer

By Andrew Bell

There’s nothing quite like a Gold Coast summer – and the scorching temperatures that come with it. If you already live in the region, you’ll know the struggles of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature during the warmer months. Here are six of our hot hints to cool your home this summer.

Close the curtains

If you’re leaving your home for work or some summertime fitness, close your curtains on the side of the house facing the sun to reduce the amount of heat entering your home. By keeping the curtains drawn and opening windows on the adjacent side, there will be enough airflow to push out existing heat, while providing ventilation to keep your home from summer stuffiness.

Vent it out

If in doubt, vent it out. By facing a fan towards an open window, the hot air inside the room will be forced outside. While there won’t be an immediate change to your indoor climate, within a couple of hours your room should be cool enough for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Remove moisture

A hot day is great – a humid day is not. Gold Coast dwellers know all about humidity, and how impossible it is to get comfortable in the heat. If you haven’t already got one, this is a great time to invest in a dehumidifier to get rid of some of the sticky moisture. While you’re out of the house, put the dehumidifier into your bedroom and close the doors and windows. Any residual moisture in the air will be absorbed and your room should be considerably cooler by the time you get home.

Cook cool

Using an oven during the summertime is a surefire way to add extra heat to your living space. Ditch the oven and grab the grill – using an outdoor barbecue will reduce excess heat building up inside the house, and is a good excuse to get outside with your family and friends in the cool evening air.

Shut the doors

Close doors of rooms you aren’t using throughout the day to stop heat from spreading to those parts of the house. Make sure the curtains are closed in these spaces during peak sun hours, so when night falls rooms will be a comfortable temperature to relax in.

Ice your fan

A tried-and-true hack to cooling on the quick needs simply a fan, a bowl and access to a freezer. Fill a bowl with ice and tilt it towards the front of the running fan, and rejoice in the cool air that will soon fill your space.

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