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Why walking in Surfers Paradise is a big deal

By Andrew Bell

There are many motivations to live in Surfers Paradise property. For one, there is a great selection of high-quality apartments and units in the area – not to mention, the great views of the city and of the beach.

However, one of the best reasons why this suburb takes the cake is due to its amazing level of walkability. According to Walk Score, Surfers Paradise is the second most walkable suburb in the entire Gold Coast. But what exactly does this mean and why should you care?

What is walkability?

Walkability describes just how pedestrian-friendly a region is. As pointed out by Community Builders, it takes into account a variety of factors such as:

  • Local amenities: How long does it take to walk to local shopping areas, cafes, supermarkets and so on? 
  • Recreational spaces: Are there parks, fitness areas and wide, green spaces available nearby?
  • Public transportation: How dependent are residents on using a car? Can people run most errands simply on foot or via buses, trains, etc?
  • Pathways: What is the quality of the footpaths? Is there plenty of safe pedestrian space or are there mostly roads reserved for cars.

The more walkable a suburb, the better. It means if you live in real estate in Surfers Paradise, you could spend more time breathing in fresh air and less time stuck in a car waiting at a red light.

Why should you care?

The most obvious benefit to real estate in Surfers Paradise being in highly walkable area is a matter of convenience. Having just about everything you could need within minutes of walking will save you plenty of time commuting.

However, there are great health benefits too. Research from Melbourne University found a correlation between the well-being of people and how much access they had to local amenities. The study was conducted over ten years, observing the health of more than 1400 residents in new housing locations in Western Australia. Overall, there was an improvement in people's physical states when they walked more on a daily basis due to greater access to shops, public transport, parks and other facilities.

"The study demonstrates the potential of local infrastructure to support health-enhancing behaviours," Lead researcher Professor Billie Giles-Corti said. Findings indicated that for every shop nearby, residents walked an extra five to six minutes a week; for every local recreational space, people spent an extra 21 minutes walking per week. Essentially, the more walkable a space, the more motivation there is to be active.

Another compelling benefit is the amount of investment value your real estate in Surfers Paradise could hold. A November 17 article by Courier Mail said that "buyers are literally voting with their feet by choosing properties with a good 'walkability' factor".

Adding to this, Michael Nash, director of Urban Planning Services said that people "want to be able to leave the car parked in the garage each weekend and walk to amenities and services that will enrich their lifestyle." This means that your Surfers Paradise property could be in high demand in future should you decide to put it on the market, with its high walkability level being a major selling point.

If Walk Score's rating is anything to go by, Surfers Paradise is one of the regions leading the way in the Gold Coast. With the suburb practically in the heart of the CBD and within minutes' walk of the beach, living in Surfers Paradise property could be a win on many fronts.

Walking in on Surfers Paradise

As you can see, there are a huge number of benefits to living in a suburb that's highly walkable. In this respect, Surfers Paradise stands out among other Gold Coast suburbs. Just give Ray White Surfers Paradise a ring and we'll help to find you real estate in Surfers Paradise that will be a joy to live in.

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