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Why marketing experts say Surfers Paradise is a property hot spot

By Andrew Bell

It’s not just a catchphrase: Experts from numerous fields of the industry agree that Surfers Paradise is an emerging hot spot, and one of the fastest-growing markets in the country. At this point, that’s no longer a question. The question, if anything, is “why?”

Some of the reasons why are pretty obvious: The beaches, the stunning islands nearby, the theme parks, shopping, and of course, surfing. But many of those are longtime standards of the area. So what are the fresh developments leading so many to mark Surfers Paradise as the “new” property hot spot? The answers for that are clear as well listed below are just three, among many, many more.

A growing vacation destination

This past year proved once again that the City of Gold Coast, and Surfers Paradise within it, are high on the list of Australian’s favourite vacation spots. One recent study by the National Visitor Survey found that domestic overnight visitation to the area had grown by 17 per cent during the prior 12 months alone. That’s a staggering number, but it’s not inexplicable: When one considers the many new offerings and attractions spread across Surfers Paradise and the larger Gold Coast, it becomes clear that those numbers will only continue to increase.

For more proof, one need only look to a large number of hotels and other vacation destinations currently being constructed or upgraded across Surfers Paradise. Just last month, the Paradise Resort was sold to a developer who plans to refurbish and update the building significantly, specifically because he sees a “tremendous demand” for resorts in “such prime locations as Surfers Paradise”.

Constant technological innovation

Steps to modernise Surfers Paradise are being taken very quickly, with free wi-fi popping up in different neighbourhoods one-by-one and various other advancements seeming to occur nearly every week. And since innovation is that rising tide which raises all boats, these steps into the future have only led to further success.

The installation of a fibre optic cable network, currently underway in the Gold Coast, will bring some of the fastest internet services currently available and with that, increased development and investment from businesses across every sector. The same can be said for the ever-growing Internet of Things (IoT) network of the Gold Coast, which is among the most thorough in all of Australia. That network works perpetually to track usage and consumption, ensuring that spending and resource management is always kept as efficient as possible yet another important point sure to attract further investment in the Gold Coast, and Surfers Paradise with it.

Trending locales, in every corner

Finally, small neighbourhoods near and even within Surfers Paradise have begun to catch the eye of influencers across the state, driving traffic and many other significant metrics into a major upswing. For instance, there is Budds Beach, described by one news outlet earlier this year as “Surfers Paradise’s best kept secret”, a 10-street stretch that is (somewhat) famous for its glorious views of the shore. Located near the northern corners of Surfers Paradise, the small neighbourhood illustrates everything that residents love about the area.

Like so many other subsections of Surfers Paradise, Budds Beach has a personality of its own, with more than a few much-loved establishments packed into that charmingly small amount of space. Most importantly, the actual day-to-day living somehow lives up to the promise of its appearance, and as a result, properties in the area are now quite highly sought after. With its picturesque appearance, its storied neighbourhood spots, and its relaxed atmosphere, Budds Beach is exemplary of all the reasons why Surfers Paradise has become a national hot spot.

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