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Why is infrastructure a great thing to keep in mind when buying investment property?

By Andrew Bell

There are a whole host of different aspects that you should consider before purchasing investment real estate in Surfers Paradise. Things like the recent movements in the market, figures like median house prices and auction clearances, and discussing the most vibrant areas for future investment with your local real estate agent are a great place to start. However, one thing to really research is the upcoming development of infrastructure projects. 

What is infrastructure?

At the very core of society is infrastructure, comprised of the basic building blocks of communities. These can range from organisational concepts through to physical, tangible creations and structures created to facilitate the harmony and growth of the population living in a certain space. 

For example, developments such as roads, bridges, electrical grids, telecommunications systems and water supplies are aspects of a culture that allow the people to sustain themselves and grow in the future. As can be seen, these offer the basic necessities for a comfortable life, with their existence making the figurative cogs of society continue to turn. 

Furthermore, other examples of infrastructure include facilities like schooling systems, transportation networks, hospitals, police stations and other controlling factors that help to educate the people and enforce a degree of structure to the local community. While this is their primary function, these facilities also contribute employment opportunities and jobs for those living in the local area, providing a source of income for them and their families. 

Therefore, the need for new and upgraded infrastructure is an ever-present need for people living in communities, and can offer some important insight into the investment potential of a region. 

How can infrastructure aid investment endeavours?

As stated earlier, signs of infrastructure development and growth highlight a strengthening region. This is an important thing to note, especially with the ever-increasing population of Australia beginning to put a demand on housing availability and affordability. Looking into areas with large degrees of home lending for construction could be a great way of plotting the growth of a certain area's population, providing some insight into the next hotspot for property. 

The same can be said about announced infrastructure projects. As more people begin to call a region home, more funding goes into creating and maintaining the infrastructure needed to keep the population serviced and happy. For example, look for councils and state government's putting funds towards the creation of new public transport services or roads in an area. The implication is a rising need for more of these services as the number of people using the current system increases. 

This can be said of a lot of things: Schools, hospitals, major tourism spots, outdoor spaces and many more. These developments also have the added bonus of creating employment opportunities for people living in the area – whether this be during the planning phase, construction period or a job in the intended services of the infrastructure. 

Successful property investment is about reading trends and moving into the next hotspot before it becomes a major growth area, allowing you to reap the rewards from the early days. Therefore, being able to trace and trend these growth figures could be a great skill to master for investors looking to boost their portfolio strength. 

When used in conjunction with population growth figures, recent auction clearance rates and construction loan approval levels, plotting the development of new infrastructure can give investors an insight into the future of a region's development. 

Of course, getting in touch with a local real estate agent can provide you with an expert opinion about the future of a region, giving you an insider's look into whether investment in an area is a wise idea or not. Speak with a professional to begin plotting your own moves into the Surfers Paradise property investment market today. 

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