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Why is Gold Coast real estate perfect for entrepreneurs?

By Andrew Bell

When you've got a big idea for a new business venture, there are all sorts of factors that come into play when looking at the best place to open your start-up. The Gold Coast is quickly becoming the perfect destination for entrepreneurs as funding for small to medium-sized businesses continues to be approved by the Queensland state government.

Got a fresh idea that needs to be taken to the market, but funding is an issue? Look no further than a brand-new piece of Gold Coast property from which to base your operations! Not only will you have access to some of the most beautiful regions of the entire country, but there's also the little matter of access to a massive world of funding possibilities. That sounds like the best combination for the success of any start-up.

Catch a wave in the business world

There are countless incredible surf breaks around the Gold Coast, but getting into the barrel of a business wave and riding it out is going to be one of the most satisfying experiences of your life. Even better, in between your working days, you can actually catch a real wave down at the beach as a great release of energy. Taking in the last rays of sunlight while riding the crest of a wave isn't an activity that will get old.

To make the most of this on the Gold Coast, the Advance Queensland fund is being boosted from $180million to $405million, a 13 June media release from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) reports. This is great news for small-businesses and start-ups looking to begin or expand their organisations in an environment that is clearly committed to growth.

"The government's commitment to ensuring innovation remains a key priority for Queensland will see us keep pace and not fall behind [the rest of the world]," said CCIQ director of advocacy Nick Behrens.

"CCIQ, in its January Budget submission and again this month, called for Advance Queensland innovation programs to be reorientated to capture interest from existing small-business, not just start-ups. We are pleased to see the government has listened to the business community and provided a number of initiatives demonstrating this."

With this increase of $225million into the innovation fund, your business could well be a part of the spoils and take the next step toward growth and development on a huge scale.

How will you get into a Gold Coast property?

According to an 8 June media release from the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA), the opportunities for getting into your very own property might not be so far-fetched anymore. That's after national real estate growth reached its slowest point in three years, and this could be leaving the door open for you to snap up a patch of land to start your business from.

While prices remain at a low point in terms of growth, however, there will be plenty of buyers out there trying to take advantage of the market, while sellers shut up shop in conditions that aren't quite as positive for their own capital gains.

"The quarterly decline in prices can, in part at least, be attributed to the influence of the macro-prudential measures on the housing market introduced to curb investor activity," noted REIA president Neville Sanders.

"Compared to the March quarter of 2015, the weighted average median house price increased by 4.1 per cent while the figure for other dwellings went up by 3.3 per cent."

If you're seriously looking at starting up a new business, or pushing for growth in a new market, Queensland is a great option. To get into your own piece of  real estate in the region, get in touch with Ray White Surfers Paradise today.

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