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Which colour should I paint my Surfers Paradise home

By Andrew Bell

So you've decided that your Surfers Paradise home needs a fresh look. Or maybe you're looking to sell your property and want to make it more appealing to buyers.

Either way, you're standing in front of an enormous warehouse shelf filled with more paint colours than you thought existed. So the question is, which colour do you use? And in which rooms do you use them?

Sure, many recommend neutral tones as a safe option, like whites, soft greys and light shades of brown. While you certainly can't go wrong with such picks, there are many other interesting colours that could make your home stand out. As colours have been proven to have psychological effects on viewers, choosing the right colour can give each room the feeling and atmosphere it needs.


This colour symbolises passion, energy and warmth. Using red paint has the ability to make your real estate in Surfers Paradise feel energetic and elegant, and can quickly capture attention from the eyes. Sylvia O'Brien, director of Colour Theory mentions that red can also increase the blood pressure and motor-skill activity of viewers.

Living or entertainment rooms could look great with a splash of read, which will help create a sense of excitement and movement – perfect for such social spaces. Furthermore, the Department of Arizona has found that this colour can stimulate appetites, making it a good choice to use in dining rooms.

Most colour experts would discourage you from using reds in bedrooms however, as it can be considered overly stimulating and can disrupt your rest.


The colour blue represents serenity and logic. Painting rooms in soft hues of blue will give it a sense of calm. Acting in direct opposite to red, this colour has also been said to reduce blood pressure, heart rate and hunger levels.

Light blues will not only make your bedroom look and feel peaceful, but will also do positive things for your sleep cycle. According to a survey conducted by Travelodge, people who slept in blue bedrooms actually received the most sleep, with an average of 7 hours and 45 minutes. It also helps that soft blues evoke imagery of the sea and sky, both of which are calming.

It could also be beneficial to paint your study in blue, as it could increase productivity and work speed of people. A clear mind is an efficient mind, after all.


Yellow symbolises joy, confidence and optimism. Like red, this colour is emotionally stimulating and has the power to raise the spirits and self-esteem of people.

Yellow brings to mind the sun, so if you want to give your bedroom a sense of brightness, happiness and warmth, you could trying giving it a fresh lick of yellow.

A kitchen might also be an ideal room to paint in this colour, lending a room with food and fresh produce a sunny atmosphere to match.

However, a little too much of this colour can stir frustration and anger, not to mention cause babies to cry. After all, Sylvia O'Brien mentions that yellow can increase cardiopulmonary activity, which increases both emotions and irritation. Be sure to be selective about which rooms to paint yellow in.

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Want to sell your Surfers Paradise property? Or perhaps you're looking to buy one so you can test out these colours for yourself. Either way, give the experts at Ray White Surfers Paradise a ring and we'll get you started on the right track.

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