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Where in Westeros would Surfers Paradise be?

By Andrew Bell

Another year, another season of the global phenomenon that is Game of Thrones. It seems it’s all anyone will talk about these days, from the office watercooler to kids on their way home from school. So who are we to miss out on the fun? We thought we might try our hand at placing Surfers Paradise on the map of Westeros, the fictional nation in the television show.

There’s so much to love about Surfers Paradise property, from it’s beachfront location to the quick access to shopping centre to secluded nooks for those who just want to relax. Where in Westeros can boast such qualities?

Kings Landing

The centre of political intrigue on Game of Thrones, Kings Landing is the capital, where the rich come to rule and the poor – well, they aren’t given a royal welcome, to say the least. While this locale does sit right on the water, we think property might be a bit too expensive if you want to get a view – these areas are probably already taken up by the lords and ladies. Real estate might be cheap in the slums of Flea Bottom​, evening out the median price, but you crime rates mean it might not be an ideal place to live.

Given that it’s Australia’s seat of power and CoreLogic RP Data have it with a reasonable median home price index of 616.08, we think the ACT is more fitted to the Kings Landing lifestyle than the Surfers Paradise way of life.

Casterly Rock

This city is the home of the Lannister family and love them or hate them (or even both at the same time!), theres no denying that they are filthy rich. It seems like fan favourite Tyrion Lannister has never met a situation he couldn’t buy his way out of, while his father Tywin, sister Cersei and until recently, nephew Joffrey ruled Kings Landing with a healthy helping of gold from the family coffers.

With such an immense distribution of wealth, we are sure that Casterly Rock is a very high class area, even if we haven’t seen it on screen yet. Given that approximately a quarter of the suburbs in Sydney now have a median price of more than a million dollars, we think it can claim the these lands as their own.


A new location for the fifth season of Game of Thrones, Dorne is home of the Martell family, a loyal and passionate group who look after each other. Upon this, Dorne is often referred to by people reflecting on beautiful weather, good wine, and a generally wonderful place to visit.

We aren’t sure about the real estate prices in this area of Westeros, but it seems like a long journey to get there, and seeing as Westeros doesn’t have the public transport infrastructure that we do, it could still be quite affordable.

It sounds heavenly to be honest, and with the sunshine hours you get at Surfers Paradise combined with the beautiful scenery and wonderful people, we think it is a good fit for Dorne. Don’t just take our word for it though – you should have a look at the Main Beach real estate and Surfers Paradise property yourself to get a real feel for the place.

Of course, there are significant differences between our world and Westeros – much better electricity and internet services, for example. But when it comes to working out the most idyllic place to buy a property, whether as an investment piece to let out to tenant or to live in yourself, we think Dorne and Surfers Paradise both come out trumps.

If you want to get a slice of paradise, Dorne’t delay – come and speak to friendly, professional team at Ray White Surfers Paradise.

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