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What you need to know before you sell Gold Coast property

By Andrew Bell

Brisbane and the Gold Coast saw a 3.47 per cent increase in sales values over the past year, according to CoreLogic's monthly indices. That's going to tempt a lot of people into selling real estate to produce a profit, but it's a complex process for the everyday Australian. 

So, Ray White Surfers Paradise have gotten together a list of handy tips to selling your home, so you can get the best price possible for your Surfers Paradise real estate. 

1. Timing is everything

Unless unforeseen circumstances have caused you to have to sell at short notice, normally you have quite a lot of time to decide when to put your house on the market. So, look at the area's property prices, interest rates, rental rates, yields and government policies to determine what a fair price for your area is. Of course, a professional real estate agent can conduct this research on your behalf. 

Even simple things, such as selling in summer rather than winter – especially in Surfers Paradise where one of the main selling points of the town is the beach – can have a big impact on the amount of money you get for your home.

2. Choose an estate agent

A real estate agent will bring their years of experience to help you set a competitive price for your home. They will also know how to negotiate a good deal for you, and will be familiar with all aspects of the paperwork and terminology involved in selling a house.

Some real estate agents think that they can get your custom by giving you a higher estimate of your sale price, but don't fall for this. Instead, choose someone you can trust, such as an agent from Ray White Surfers Paradise – we'll even perform free property appraisals to help you get started. 

3. Prepare your home

Firstly, this means cleaning and tidying your house, then fixing any problems or quirks that it may have. Renovating the kitchen and bathroom can do wonders in getting you a higher price, as will simple things like painting the exterior walls and doors. Also consider doing up the garden, as the exterior is one of the first things prospective buyers will see. 

It's a good idea to go to other open homes and house viewings in your area to see where your property stands in comparison. This will give you a good idea of how much properties are going for in your local area, as well as what standard properties need to be at when they're being shown.

If your house does have a problem, such as damp, don't try to cover it up. People aren't stupid – they will find out eventually, and almost certainly before they place a bid. Instead, try to fix the problem yourself. If you don't have the time or money to do this, however, you will have to take it into account when setting the price. 

4. Take high quality listing photos

Many buyers go online to look at listings when they do their initial research. So it will really make a different to how much interest you generate if you take high quality pictures for the listing. Make them crisp and clear, and take them during a sunny day when there's a lot of natural light coming into your home. 

5. Check your buyers' financial credentials

Make sure you check your buyers' financial credentials before finalising anything. Your estate agent will help you with this, and will normally give you information on how the buyer intends to pay for your home. Be aware of cooling off periods – after someone has bought your home, they normally have five days to change their mind.

As you can see, there's lots to think about when selling your home. Fortunately, Ray White are here to help, so contact us today on (07) 5538 1555.

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