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What you need in a Gold Coast rental home

By Andrew Bell

The Gold Coast has a unique climate, and a certain lifestyle to go along with it – it’s hot and humid all year round. It’s a fabulous place to rent a home, but what do tenants need from a rental in south-east Queensland?

If you own a rental property on the Gold Coast, or are looking to buy your first investment in the region, it might be time to think about how you can make your place stand out from the crowd. The following changes could help you to attract the best possible tenants:

Air-conditioning is key

The mean maximum temperature on the Gold Coast is 25.3 degrees Celsius, according to the Bureau of Meteorology. That doesn’t seem very hot, until you take into account that the mean minimum temperature is 17.3 degrees Celsius. What’s more, there is an average of 93.3 days of rain per year, or more than one in four wet days, so it’s humid a lot of the time (particularly in summer).

Your tenants are going to be sweltering if they live in a home without air-conditioning. The investment in a good central unit could increase your potential returns significantly. Plus, you don’t have to pay for the usage, and tenants might only use it a few days a month to conserve power. They just want to know they have the option to use it if absolutely necessary.

A well-maintained home is an attractive prospect

When people have to wait for things to be repaired, it can be frustrating. Plumbing constantly bursting or electrical wiring causing faults and trips in the mains can take time to rectify, affecting the satisfaction of your tenants.

If you want your renters to be happy and stick around long-term, you need to maintain your property. Fix holes and cracks in the walls and roof, update your appliances every five to 10 years, and ensure your property manager is on top of regular checks.

Storage space galore

Renters want storage space. It’s really that simple. When they don’t have their own home, they may have to bring a whole lot of items with them that used to fit in their old place. They need somewhere to put all of that (preferably out of the way) so cupboards, under-floor spaces or cubby rooms are vital.

Find some places around your home that aren’t being used for much else and install a large storage area. The perfect tenant could come knocking because of it.

For more information about buying an investment property on the Gold Coast or working with a property manager, contact Ray White Surfers Paradise today.

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