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What turns Queenslanders off real estate?

By Andrew Bell

You get more bees with honey, the old saying goes. It's something which can apply to real estate on the Gold Coast as well. Making sure your property is set up with features and factors that buyers are interested may help attract more interest than a daunting, bare bones property.

Think things like under-floor heating, air conditioning, or even pools and extra bedrooms if you have the resources. But what about the other end of the scale? In this article, we're going to look at some of the features of Queensland real estate that buyers tend to say no to – are you able to avoid them all? 

1) Higher unemployment rates

Last year, Finder conducted a survey of Australians to determine what the biggest turn-offs for real estate were state by state, territory by territory. Curiously, one of the factors that Queenslanders were most likely to be turned by was a higher than average unemployment rate.

This would be enough for 40 per cent of Qld respondents not to buy a piece of real estate. While those living on the Gold Coast have a higher labour force participation rate than Greater Brisbane (according to id), the employment rate is a little lower. Still above 92 per cent, this should not be an issue for those seeking real estate in Surfers Paradise.

2) Old fashioned superstition

How do you feel about the number 13? Or Black Friday? Walking under ladders, black cats crossing your path? The Finder survey reveals that for 6 per cent of Queenslanders, superstition plays a role in choosing a piece of real estate.

If a property had the street number 13, they would consider this to be a turn-off. Unlucky for some – especially that particular vendor on every street! 

3) A lack of perceived cool

Do you have your finger on the pulse of cultural hotspots around the Gold Coast? Do you understand what makes a cool suburb? Then you might be able to identify something that is a big factor for many property buyers: trendiness.

Finder states that trendiness can make or break a property or suburb for some 6 per cent of Queenslanders. That's essentially "cafe culture" – people clearly need their smashed avo and scrambled eggs on five grain without having to go far for it.

Considering the Gold Coast is a luxury hub for people from all across the country, we think there is a fair share of trendiness to go around Surfers Paradise property.

4) Above average crime data

This, however, is a more straightforward metric for determining whether someone would want to live nearby or not. Higher crime rates don't just make a suburb harder to live comfortably in – they can have a big impact on your insurance premiums.

For 78 per cent of Queenslanders, an above average crime rate in a suburb means they wouldn't buy property there. According to Numbeo, the overall crime rate is still moderate. It is also an extremely safe place to live, according to same resource.

What are your dealbreakers? This is just a smattering of things that people find to be enough to put them off buying real estate, be it on the Gold Coast or anywhere else in Queensland. If you're looking for real estate in this part of the state, make sure to use Ray White Surfers Paradise. No matter what your dealbreakers are, we'll find you a property that avoids them altogether.

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