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What to unpack first when you move into your new home

By Andrew Bell

Sometimes the process of getting everything packed up can be such a task, we don’t give any thought to what we want available on the first day in our new home. However, planning what you need to hand during your first few days in your Gold Coast property can help your move run a little more smoothly.

Alongside getting your essential services set up, what should you unpack first?

1) Get the big pieces of furniture in place

Organising the big items while you have a team of movers to hand is much easier than trying to move them yourself. Don’t settle for having furniture placed wherever it lands. Get wardrobes and sofas in place first, and organise smaller items later.

2) Make up your bed

There’s little quite as satisfying as getting into a familiar and freshly made-up bed at the best of times. After a stressful couple of days moving house, knowing you can fall into your bed without having to locate your sheets is very good feeling.

Get your bed re-assembled and made-up as a priority to ensure you have the energy to enjoy your first few days in your new home.

3) Unpack the stuff you really need

The kitchen and bathroom are key rooms to look at getting unpacked first. No one’s going to enjoy unpacking if they can’t make a snack to see them through. Get the essential kitchen bits unpacked and organised as a matter of priority so you can get your meals prepped every day.

Unpacking your bathroom will also make you feel at home. Being able to jump in the shower when you need to and know everything’s to hand helps you to relax and refresh. Our bathrooms are full of things we use on a daily basis, so getting them unpacked helps you establish some sense of routine quickly.

If you work from home, make your office room a priority too. You can live without a television while you unpack, but if you can’t answer your boss’s emails like you promised, moving will feel all the more stressful.

4) Organise your clothes

While clothes may not seem like an essential item, you do use them everyday. By having your wardrobe in order, you can avoid any last minute dashes around the house for the item you desperately need but just cannot locate.

Getting ready for work is stress-free when you can find what you need, as is getting back to your routine – like going to the gym.

For help with your Gold Coast real estate search, get in touch with the pro team at Ray White Surfers Paradise.

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