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What to think about when choosing the perfect sofa

By Andrew Bell

Whether you’re moving into a new Gold Coast property or just fancy a change, buying a new sofa is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your living room. Picking the perfect sofa is about style and colour, but also about practicalities, like size and comfort. Here’s our guide to choosing the right sofa.

1) Choose a fabric that suits your lifestyle

We’ve all heard the advice about not getting a cream sofa when you have kids or pets. But dark colours can also cause a headache if your sofa is often in bright light. Fading can affect natural materials, and may mean you have different shades across your sofa.

Meanwhile if your sofa is likely to get dirty, consider removable covers, or a material that’s easy to spot clean. Patterned designs are also good at hiding stains, especially where multiple colours are used.

2) Pick the right size and shape

There’s a lot to consider here. Most sofas are a similar height – between 45 and 50 cm high, and have a depth of at least 60 cm. While these measurements suit most people, if you have a super tall member of the family, get them to try before you buy to make sure they can sit comfortably. Some sofas have taller or lower backs than others, and softer or firmer arm rests. If you like to lie out on your sofa and watch a movie, ensuring that you have the back support and comfort you like is important.

The size of the couch also needs to suit your room. Don’t get something huge for a box room, even if it is your favourite style. Your room will look even more squashed and affect how relaxing and spacious it feels. It’s not just your room size you need to consider either – measuring doorways and stairways is also a wise move before putting down any money.

3) Opt for a style that reflects your personality

Sofas come in all kinds of colours and patterns now – so finding one that suits your individual style is definitely possible. For a classic look, choose a leather finish in traditional colours like black, green or burgundy. Modern hygge style often favours neutral colours like grey or cream, while in a bright and colourful room you could go for a modern, patterned affair. A chaise lounge conjures up the romance of a bygone era, while something big, soft and full of cushions screams cosy and comfort, inviting you and your guests to settle in.

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