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What to know about renting with pets

By Andrew Bell

If you've been renting your living space for a while, you know that the rental process can be confusing. And if you have a furry buddy by your side, it can get even more difficult.

Renting with pets in Queensland requires an applicant that's well-versed in this part of rental law. Whether you already have a dog or a cat, or if you want to get one soon, it's important to understand how the rental process changes when you have a pet. Here is some of the most important information to help you get started!

The Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act

When you take a look at the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act of 2008, there is a specific section that addresses how to reach an agreement while renting a space that a pet will occupy. The Act refers to a pet as "a domesticated animal or an animal that is dependent on a person for the provision of food or shelter and does not include a working dog or an animal prescribed by the regulation not to be a pet."

The application process

If you are someone who is about to apply to rent a residence and you have a pet, you need to know how to apply correctly. As a tenant, you must have written permission from the person who owns the property before the pet can live with you on the premises. To get this permission, you can submit a request that the owner must respond to within 14 days. Take a look at the Residential Tenancies Authority's (RTA) rental property application flow chart.

The new rental laws and pets

As a renter, you should know that the property owner is only allowed to refuse the pet application on the basis of reasonable grounds as listed under Queensland's tenancy laws. These laws have changed within the past year, and there are new rules surrounding pets in a rental property. Here are some of the legal reasons that a landlord may refuse a pet:

  • Exceed the reasonable number of animals being kept at the premises.
  • The premises are unsuitable for keeping the pet.
  • Keeping the pet is likely to cause damage to the premises.
  • If there is an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of a person, like if you were to have a venomous snake for example. 

If you are still feeling unsure, you can ask your real estate agent or property manager for advice on your specific situation.

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