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What to consider when buying a family home

By Andrew Bell

Taking the next step to buying a family property in Surfers Paradise means you'll no doubt be weighing up all sorts of different factors. This will be especially tough if you've been living as a married couple for some time, or if you're taking the leap from bachelor pad to fully fledged family home.

Families will have quite different needs to many other groups. Not only do everyone's requirements need to be met, but it's also necessary to think about what might happen further down the line.

Here are some of the common questions that many families will have to ask themselves before making the move into that perfect property.

1. How much room do I need?

Kids take up loads of space and while a property might seem roomy at first glance, imagine what it will be like once you've introduced all your belongings. If you plan on expanding your family at some point in the future, you'll also need to consider whether the space will be fit for purpose a few months down the line.

You will need a home that provides enough room so that you don't get under each other's feet, and ample space so that you can enjoy some time away from the children. Whether you have a separate living area that you can kick back and relax in, or perhaps an orangery or conservatory you can retreat to at the end of a busy day, these are all features you'll need to think about.

2. Is there a lot of storage?

Back to the issue of kids' having a lot of stuff – is there anywhere for you to store it? Knowing there are sufficient cupboards, wall units and other areas for you to store items away in can make all the difference to the look and feel of the home.

While it's true that you can always add to the storage options, there are some advantages to having some spaces already fitted. Good storage will ultimately make a home look and feel bigger, which can only benefit you in the long run.

3. Are there good facilities nearby?

Parents will also have the added issue of considering what facilities are available on their doorstep, including access to quality schools. You're likely to find property in Surfers Paradise that's closest to the best schools comes at a premium, and that demand will be high.

This is why it can be advantageous to seek the expertise of a real estate agent. Not only will they be able to give you invaluable local knowledge, but also an insight into the market and where the more affordable properties can be found.

4. Is it within my budget?

Families often choose more spacious properties, which can come at a cost depending on your location. It's therefore a good idea to enter the house buying process with a strong sense of what you can realistically afford.

In some cases, you might want to see pre-approval for your home loan. This will give you that extra bit of financial security when you start viewing the range of properties.

5. Can I imagine myself living here?

Although you can try to take a pragmatic approach to buying property, emotion will surely play an important part. A family home is where your children will grow up, so it's understandable that your heart will be as much of a factor as your head!

Take a step back from the practicalities for a second and ask yourself whether you can see your family setting up home there. No amount of storage and quality schools is going to encourage you to change your mind if you just haven't got "the feeling".

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