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What is a lifestyle city … and why should you live in one?

By Andrew Bell

Australia’s capital cities house 16 million people. Capital life has its benefits, including public transportation and access to cultural institutions. However, the increased density means more congestion. Commuters grow frustrated, new parents find it difficult to balance work and home life, and rents keep increasing dramatically.

The above reasons are why many young adults are considering making their living in lifestyle cities. These areas are less populated but just as vibrant and full of promise.

Keep reading to see what makes a lifestyle city, and why you should consider living in one.

What is a lifestyle city?

Distinct from their capital counterparts, such as Sydney or Canberra, lifestyle cities combine the best of urban and suburban life. They’re large but not too big, growing but not inflated. Cost of living is often significantly cheaper, and they have many of the same conveniences as larger metropolitan areas.

Lifestyle cities are:

  • Affordable: New homes stand alongside vintage restorations, and upscale stores still populate the neighbourhoods, but the prices are more budget friendly.
  • Simple: Take the beauty of suburban living, add the convenience of a major hub, and you have a lifestyle city.
  • Connected: Convenience apps like ride-sharing, pet-walking and delivery services are already up and running.

Why should you live in a lifestyle city?

Lifestyle cities are great options for people of all ages, but they’re particularly nice for younger generations. As of 2019, the number of Australians born after 1980 will eclipse that of people born in 1979 and prior, according to census data.This young, booming group – who will need affordable housing and strong job opportunities – can more easily see their needs met in a lifestyle city than an established metropolitan area.

Why? Lifestyle cities are perfectly primed for growth. Not only are residential rents cheaper, but commercial rents are often priced to incentivise companies into expanding their businesses into these locations. Instead of delaying major purchases like homes, cars, and childcare, young families find lucrative jobs and get started achieving their dreams.

Older generations can find comforts in lifestyle cities as well. They can maintain a thriving social life without suffering the isolation of a rural community, thanks to the diverse range of amenities they offer.

While metropolitan areas have their charm, lifestyle cities are a better option for people wanting modern style and convenience without a high price tag.

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