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What exactly does minimalist interior design involve?

By Andrew Bell

Minimalist design is all about being simple, sleek and clean. It really is the less is more approach to decor. As well as neutral plain walls, clutter is a no-go in your minimalist Gold Coast apartment, with an airy, light feel being the name of the game.

As well as getting the decor right, part of the minimalist design ethos is that everything in your home should have a purpose. You shouldn't be buying something new without needing it, or getting rid of something else first. 'Stuff' and clutter is a thing of the past when you embrace minimalism. 

Colour scheme

Most minimalist interior design schemes stick to plain and neutral colours, such as grey, white and beige. It's okay to use a variety of shades of the same colour though, like mixing up dark and light grey shades across furniture for accents, as long as the overall tone is subdued. 

The colour scheme you choose should evoke calmness, be clean, stress-free and peaceful. If you do want to add colour, stick to solid, natural and earthy tones. 


Remember, you don't need to fill a space just because you have it. Going minimalist is about having what you need and what looks clean and sleek, rather than buying to fill a room. 

Units that offer plenty of storage make it easy to keep surfaces clear and tidy, and maintain the look through your home – no matter how messy they are inside.

Think practically beyond storage too, buy seating for the number of people you're likely to be welcoming into your home, for example, so you don't end up cluttering your space with fold away chairs for whenever you host. 


Accessories should be minimal, only allow yourself to buy something with a purpose in mind. Interestingly designed light fixtures for example, can create a great feature without adding any excess clutter, and are extremely useful.

Hundreds of scented candles, books strewn across the coffee table and paperwork spread across the dining room table is definitely not minimalist. 

That said, you can introduce a variety of textures into your design, as long as they stick to the colour scheme. Fluffy rugs, and knitted cushions, for example, could work well together while maintaining a minimalist feel. Just don't go overboard.

If you're not sold on the design yet, let us add that clutter actually increases the stress-levels of women in the home, according to a UCLA study. Going minimalist might benefit more than just your interior decor.

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