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What does education on the Gold Coast mean for students and property?

By Andrew Bell

When you think about the types of people that live on the Gold Coast, you probably imagine a very diverse set of residents. From retirees to hardcore surf fanatics, the wide variety and beauty of the region lends it a broad appeal across all sorts of demographics. One subset that might not spring to mind is students, but in reality, the Gold Coast is quickly becoming one of Australia's pre-eminent hubs for tertiary education. 

If you're thinking about potential study locations, or wondering where the best spot for your children might be, it's well worth taking a look at the many different options to be found along Queensland's sunny coast. This is especially true if you're looking at post-graduate courses, and would like a change of scenery or the chance to move away from home with a few years of university under your belt. The student population also presents a few interesting opportunities for those with investment properties on the Gold Coast – providing a slightly different type of renter that can have some marked benefits. 

So, why is the Gold Coast such a great study destination, and how can this relate to the property market? Read on to find out. 

Tertiary education on the Gold Coast

As Australia's largest non-capital city, it's not particularly surprising that the Gold Coast has a wealth of higher education institutions. These cover many different subjects and areas of study, ranging from elite, private universities all the way through to international schools and industry specific faculties. This variety reflects the high demand for tertiary study in the region, along with a growing desire to live in one of Australia's most popular and fastest growing cities. 

At the top tier, there are four highly regarded universities; Bond University, Griffith University, CQUniversity Australia (Southport Campus) and Southern Cross University. Each has its own speciality, and offers a different study experience depending on what attendees are after. That may be a large post-graduate research department, or a vibrant student culture, but either way, there are plenty of options. In addition, because the Gold Coast isn't commonly regarded as an education hub, tuition prices are lower than cities like Melbourne or Sydney. Not only does this make things a bit more affordable for students, it also gives them a bit more income to spend on rent, allowing them to live in a nicer home than they might find elsewhere. 

Finally, Queensland itself is recognised as a great place to begin a career, with the government recently investing $180million in the Advance Queensland program, which aims to deliver new pathways and job opportunities for the state's future workforce. 

Benefits to students and property owners

Of course, the appeal of the Gold Coast is by no means limited to its wide range of great tertiary education institutions. Everybody knows that the Gold Coast is a fantastic place to live, with some of the best beaches in the world, a booming tourist industry and a growing urban infrastructure. For students, tourism provides plenty of great part-time job opportunities, while the increased focus on things like better public transport around the Gold Coast makes life easier for those without a car.

For those with investment properties, a large student body also represents a large market of potential renters. This is especially true with properties that aren't appropriate for a family. This may be because they are too small, or indeed too large. A larger group of responsible students can split the rent several ways, and may even be able to pay more than a family. Students might occasionally get a bad rep when it comes to renting out homes, but with the right property management, you can make sure that you get the right people who will treat your investment appropriately. 

For more information on buying, selling or renting property on the Gold Coast, get in touch with Ray White Surfers Paradise today. 

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