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What can you expect from a Surfers Paradise home?

By Andrew Bell

If you're searching around for your next property, whether you're an investor or after an owner-occupied property, then look no further than real estate in Surfers Paradise.

The Gold Coast itself is on an upward trend in terms of quality of living and employment, according to the Economic Development Strategy 2013-23 (EDS), and getting into the market before the 2018 Commonwealth Games hits the region could well be a shrewd financial move.

Fun, sun and sand

The City of Gold Coast lists Surfers Paradise as having five main beaches within a 2.5 kilometre radius, not including the Surfers Paradise main beach. From wherever you are in the suburb, you'll be able to enjoy the beach life all around you. There are surfing breaks all along the coastline, so whether standing up on a board or riding along on your stomach is your preference, getting out and into the waves is a great way to have some fun.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology lists the summer months as having fantastically warm median maximum temperatures. January is the hottest at 28.7 degrees Celsius, February comes close at 28.6 degrees Celsius and December is at 27.8. With these highs, there will be plenty of time for you to get outside, enjoying the sun and surf on the beaches, all while enjoying the gorgeous white sands.

Economic growth abundant

In the lead-up to the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, construction projects in the city are driving employment. A BIS Shrapnel report suggests that there has recently been a 13 per cent house price increase, with further construction and jobs projected that number could increase even more. When the prices rise, you'll be thankful you purchased your Surfers Paradise property early and will be seeing the value of your patch of paradise rise.

The Queensland Mid-Year Fiscal and Economic Review 2015-16 states that there have been more than 50,800 jobs created in the state since January 2015. There are also plans for continued growth on the Gold Coast, including the filming of Marvel's next superhero action movie Thor: Ragnarok and Kong: Skull Island in the region. An $11million contribution from the Queensland government is helping to fund the building of the largest sound stage in Oxenford, which will help to continue the rising rate of employment in the area. The sound stage will also be used for the squash tournament at the Commonwealth Games.

Such large predicted expansion on the Gold Coast will encourage people looking to buy property, and Surfers Paradise could be a fantastic hub from which to access this rich cultural world.

Culture surrounds you

From your perfect piece of real estate, you will have access to a whole world of arts and culture right on your doorstep. The Arts Centre Gold Coast has been in operation for more than 25 years and provides access to comedy shows and live music among many other offerings.

The City Art Gallery is housed inside the building, as are two cinemas that will one day show the amazing movies that are set to be produced locally.

Also in the suburb is a boutique gallery called Urban Paradise that is home not only to an art gallery, but a DJ lounge and graffiti area. Some of the city's most celebrated artists are exhibited here, and for those looking to get involved in the cultural side of the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise is the perfect destination.

Get in touch with the team at Ray White Surfers Paradise for their industry expertise and local knowledge that will help you to find the best property for your needs.

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