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What can you buy with your Gold Coast budget savings?

By Andrew Bell

If you hadn't heard, some magic tricks have been pulled in the City of Gold Coast budget for this year. Mayor Tom Tate has announced that rate rises have been cut from 1.4 per cent to 1 per cent, which he told the Brisbane Times was "a surprising trim". 

These are, in fact, the lowest rates for those living in residential real estate in Surfers Paradise and beyond since the council's amalgamation. So how much will you stand to make in the cut? The Brisbane Times also reports that savings will measure out to about $30 per household per year. While this doesn't seem like much, remember that generally rates tend to rise, so any bonus is welcome! 

To celebrate, let's have a look at how that $30 could help you improve your Surfers Paradise property! 

Replacing your smoke alarm

The Queensland government notes that approximately three quarters of all fire deaths in the state occur in homes that don't have smoke alarms fitted. By law, you have to have one! Older homes only need a nine volt battery alarm, while those constructed after 1997 need a 240 volt mode. Any new homes submitted for construction green-lighting from the beginning of May 2014 need to have interconnected smoke alarms! 

Additionally, the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services note that you might need to install a smoke alarm with the help of a professional. If this is the case, then $30 might simply have to go towards a larger cost, but if you only require battery replacement of a nine volt model, then these savings could be what you need! 

Cheap heating

Do you know how much of your energy bill goes to heating or cooling your Surfers Paradise property? According to the Department of Industry and Science, up to 40 per cent of a these costs are generating through temperature regulation. Being smart about how you heat a home is crucial, especially during winter months. 

By employing a radiant heater like a bar heater in your bathroom, you can apply warmth directly to people who need it rather than the air. This is good for short bursts of heat that are sometimes necessary on colder evenings in these rooms. 

Meanwhile, fan heaters are also recommended for quickly heating up a small room. This could be a cheap option available to you for $30 or less – check local stores to see if your rate cut benefit could go to this! 

Care for your cat

It's something we have discussed before, but keeping your cat secure and happy on your Surfers Paradise property is important. The City of Gold Coast Council has a number of suggestions for doing this effectively, including daily play sessions and creating a nice play area for them. Toys and bedding are two affordable ways of creating a great space for your cat – consider these when you want to do up your property for your feline friend without breaking the bank. 

There are some mandatory actions you need to take as well. These include desexing your cat and getting it microchipped. This is so it doesn't get lost, and also to protect the precious local flora and fauna. 

Now obviously, the savings you make from the council rates won't be $30 in your pocket – rather it's savings over the long term, a reprieve from paying more to council. But it's a welcome reminder that there are many inexpensive ways of improving your Main Beach real estate.

When you want more tips on how to get ahead with your property, check out the rest of our blog or contact Ray White Surfers Paradise. We've got decades of experience helping people with their property. 

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