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What are the best amenities to look for near investment property?

By Andrew Bell

Everyone knows that location is one of the most important factors to consider when buying investment property. Even more so, being able to find properties in the heart of growth areas are a goldmine for potential investors. So it makes sense to do thorough research into the local market before purchasing real estate in Surfers Paradise, in order to emphasise your success and help you achieve the best financial return possible. 

However, this begs the question: What kind of amenities should I be looking for near my investments? After all, if these are the main draw cards for tenants and buyers of investment property, ensuring you find real estate nearby is a great way to start your portfolio off with a bang. Here are some of the most sought after amenities for tenants and property buyers alike. 


A massive piece of infrastructure that can attract people is the availability of educational facilities nearby. Whether this be kindergartens, primary schools, high schools or tertiary education, the market for renters looking for easy access to learning is huge. For example, purchasing investment property nearby to a primary school is a brilliant way to entice a young family to consider living in your property – especially if the school has a reputation for delivering a great education. 

On the other hand, real estate nearby to universities can be a good way to guarantee occupants for the majority of the year. As students move to attend tertiary institutions, they'll always look for rental properties to call home for the duration of their learning. Getting into this market can be a lucrative avenue for investors to consider in the long term.

Transport infrastructure

As more and more people begin to take up using public transport in lieu of driving their own vehicles, this could be something to consider for the future. Things like train stations, bus stops and trams are all pieces of infrastructure to consider, especially as public transport become more popular. 

Furthermore, keep an eye on the future developments occurring across the community. If there are going to be more of these services offered in the near future, this should offer some insight into where the area's development is going and give you the boost of encouragement you need. 

Shopping and entertainment

People need to have easy access to the basics of life. This includes things like entertainment and food shopping, offering some direction for your investment plans. This is why metropolitan regions are becoming increasingly popular among investors, especially multi-unit apartment buildings. These luxury properties in Surfers Paradise could be a brilliant avenue to consider for investment. 

For example, people love to take time and drink coffee with friends and family in local community hubs – perhaps while slipping in some shopping or running a few errands. Making this easy for people to get to will work in your portfolio's favour in the long run.

This is another thing to consider for future development. If there are upcoming shopping centres being built in the community, these projects are often are great incentives for renters looking to move a new area. 

Outdoor space

Another thing conducive to a successful investment property is relative proximity to outdoor spaces like the parks, reserves and beaches. People love to get outside and breathe in fresh air, not to mention having access to these spaces for the warm summer months. 

Surfers Paradise is a wonderfully luxurious environment to purchase property, with no shortage of people looking to enjoy themselves. Now could be a great time to get in touch with a local real estate to discuss the investment possibilities in the region today. 

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