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Want a better lifestyle?

By Andrew Bell

Is it time you had a lifestyle change?

Even if the answer is no, you can be assured that there's plenty of people out there who are ready for a switch of scene, or even a brief break from reality. Therefore, real estate in Surfers Paradise is always going to make for a sound investment.

Surfers Paradise is a global tourist destination, at the heart of the Gold Coast. According to, Surfers Paradise property services 41 per cent of the regions accommodation needs.

It's not hard to see why. Like a magnet, people are drawn to the lifestyle that can be both relaxing or exhilarating, depending on the user. Not to mention the simple fact of being able to occupy Main Beach real estate, a world famous coastline.

Here are some classic hobbies that are easily gratified with Surfers Paradise real estate – regardless of whether it's for you or potential tenants.


According to a report from the Gold Coast council, our area has more surfers per capita than any other city in the world. This might be (just might be) because the Gold Coast has over 57 kilometres of coastline, three surf reserves, four point breaks, some of Australia's most consistent waves and 35 beaches to match all skill levels.

Besides the obvious cool factor, surfing is known to have other benefits like exercise and stress relief. If you need them, there are a number of groups in the area who can provide surfing lessons. Just imagine yourself, out at sea on your board as the sun begins to dip below the horizon and the sky turns a pinkish hue.

Alternatively, you could be watching the same scene from the safety of one of the many shore side bars, handy to Main Beach real estate.


Have you ever fancied being the mighty provider for your family and living off the land? Well, Surfers Paradise provides a pretty handy stage for you to live that dream. According to Gold Coast Fishing, the area has more waterways than any other city in Australia. Surely, that must mean more fish!

If spending a fortune on a water vessel doesn't float your boat, you can easily show your fishing prowess from the beach or from the various platforms dotted around Surfers Paradise property. Envision yourself now, standing on the golden white sand with your fishing rod, pondering life's mysteries as waves lick the shoreline.

Of course, you could also be perceiving the same moment while you take advantage of the seven day late night shopping in Surfers Paradise.


While some would argue that it isn't a hobby, people pay thousands of dollars a year on fake tanning methods. Fortunately, Surfers Paradise is an apt name, as the weather is predominantly warm and sunny. This makes it perfect for relaxing on the beach and receiving a free tan. That is provided you are wearing a hat, shades and lots of sunscreen of course!

The Surfers Paradise Alliance asserts that the weather is even warm during winter, with temperatures reaching up to 21 degrees Celsius most days. Picture yourself , even during winter soaking in the sun's rays on the beach.

Optionally, you could enjoy a similar scenario on the shores of the array of heated swimming pools throughout Surfers Paradise for when the weather isn't playing ball.

Why invest in real estate in Surfers Paradise?

The attractions mentioned above are just a few of the many attractions of Main Beach real estate. As an international tourist destination, rentals in Surfers Paradise are a great business investment.

Get in touch with the team at Ray White if you're interested in Surfers Paradise property. Our knowledge of the area could be instrumental in you making an effective investment.

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