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Visitor traffic to the Gold Coast is on the up and up

By Andrew Bell

If you're considering visiting the Gold Coast in the near future, you should know that you're not alone. Millions of people make that journey every year, including some from within in Australia and quite a few international travellers as well.

For evidence of this, you need look no further than the traffic to and from the local airport, which has become so robust that the facility is now eyeing a possible expansion. This alone should prove it – the Gold Coast has become a favourite destination for movers and holidaymakers alike.

It's interesting to think about how this might affect property values. A new Surfers Paradise property might be a great investment to make sooner rather than later.

Gold Coast Airport seeing unprecedented traffic levels

Traditionally, Gold Coast Airport is seen as a relatively modest facility compared to others at larger metropolises across Australia, but recently it's become a hub for far more traffic. The airport is enjoying rapid growth this year, according to a report from the Centre for Aviation.

In the 12-month period ending with June 2016, traffic to Gold Coast Airport increased by 8 per cent over the previous year, to a total of 6.3million passengers. Much of this uptick is the result of international travel, which increased by 18 per cent. Approximately 1.05million of flyers into the Gold Coast came from outside Australia, with AirAsia X and Hong Kong Airlines responsible for much of this traffic.

Traditionally, the Gold Coast has had the sixth largest airport in Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide have all been bigger. With this momentum, though, there's a good chance of Gold Coast Airport starting to climb that list.

Is now the time for an expansion?

As traffic into the Gold Coast has continued increasing, airport administrators have responded by announcing plans to expand the airport and make room for more flights going both into the city and out.

Chris Mills, chief executive officer for Queensland Airports, said in an interview with CAPA TV that the airport is currently "bursting at the seams" with traffic and it's necessary to make room for more planes and passengers.

"It really takes us to another level," Mr Mills said. "Gold Coast Airport is a single-level terminal building currently. The new terminal building will go three levels. We will have aerobridges for the first time at Gold Coast – that is something our customers have been telling us they would like to see. It will provide better amenity and better facilitation for our passengers."

With more flights available to Gold Coast Airport, there's a good chance that prices will decrease – and that, in turn, will likely only make vacationing in Surfers Paradise more desirable than ever.

Invest today in the property you've always wanted

If you've been considering the possibility of buying a house on the Gold Coast, there's no better time to do it than right now. With traffic into the area increasing rapidly, you can expect property values to go up as well. If you invest now, you might be buying at just the right time to see your investment appreciate.

The best way to make that investment is to work with the No. 1 property management department on the Gold Coast. That would be the Ray White Surfers Paradise Group, where we have a capable property management centre that combines years of valuable experience with innovative thinking about the market.

Talk to us today, and we'll get to work on finding the best possible property for you. We will listen to your needs, follow your instructions and act at all times in your best interest.

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