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Top tips for new property managers across Australia

By Andrew Bell

Becoming a property manager can be a lucrative career move to make, especially if you're working with real estate in Surfers Paradise. There are lots of different opportunities to take advantage of across the region that moving into this career stream puts you in the frontline of one of Australia's strongest industries.

Of course, there are a various things to wrap your head around and skills to improve in order to become a talented property manager. Here are some of the more common characteristics and factors needed to help you excel in this competitive marketplace. 

Education is key

Property managers are expected to be up to date and on the pulse of the latest developments of residential and tenancy law. Basic reading should include the Residential Tenancies Act, which covers all the basics needed to conduct yourself within the role of the law. Furthermore, being able to cite and back yourself up with hard, factual evidence will be crucial when dealing with difficult clients or tenants. 

Create a system for yourself

When starting out, you won't have too many clients to worry about. However, as your reputation builds and your business begins to pick up, it'll be essential to have a well-oiled system in place to ensure you're able to meet all your daily demands. 

Managing properties can be a time consuming task – especially when you're hitting multiple homes a day. Therefore, creating a repetitive procedure that you can do at each home without fail in order to cover all your bases is a must. Furthermore, having an established set of rules, documents and templates for both clients and tenants will help you to cut down on time and increase the formality and professionalism of your service. 

This also helps to foster consistency, which is something to be proud of when moving forward as a successful property manager. People recognise this, which can help you to secure more work in the future based on your reputation and streamlined skills. 

Develop relationships with local businesses

Nothing makes a property manager's job easier than having reliable people to look to for help. Because a lot of your job will be taking care of complications for tenants in their rental homes, creating a network of tradies and local businesses you can call up to fix problems is a must. 

Furthermore, as these relationships grow and develop, it's possible that they may even begin offering industry discounts based on your work with them. This is just another benefit of being a really good property manager, with potential clients hearing about these networks and being drawn to work with you because of them. 

Consistency is crucial 

As things begin to pick up for you and your business, being able to rely on your own consistency is essential. For example, make a habit of documenting literally everything – from phone calls and text messages through to emails, receipts and appointments with clients. You never know when you may need to recall the smallest detail from one of these, and having a consistent system in place will make your life a lot easier. 

Furthermore, this can help build respect with your clients. Keeping things as effective and professional as possible is a shining beacon for someone who is reliable and trustworthy, which will hopefully result in more business in the future. Gaining a reputation for favouritism isn't a great look, so keeping things strictly business will benefit all parties involved over the long run. 

These are just some of the basics to keep in mind if you're considering becoming a property manager. This lucrative career path could be a great opportunity to develop and grow as a person, so get in touch with a local real estate agency today to find out more. 

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