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Top 5 property features that could save you money

By Andrew Bell

Homeowners up and down the country have been facing the threat of rising bills for some time, but is there anything you can do to mitigate the effects? Buying Main Beach real estate involves weighing up all sorts of factors, as one home you choose could be more costly to run than another.

If you're savvy with your decision, you could find yourself paying less for your gas and electricity in the long run. Here are some of the features to look out for when buying a home that could prove cost-effective over their lifetime.

1. Insulation

Having effective insulation in place in your roof, ceilings and walls can make a real difference when it comes to heating and cooling your home. The government estimates that with the right insulation, you could save as much as 40 per cent on your energy bills.

Look for properties that have sufficient insulation to prevent heat loss. The ceiling is the most important area, as you could potentially lose up to 45 per cent of your cooling energy through this part of the home.

Floor coverings are well worth considering if you're hoping to move straight into your home. Carpets can make the room feel warmer, leaving you compensating for the heat by switching on your air conditioning system. Tiled floors are much more preferable in this part of the country.

2. Energy efficient boilers

The type of boiler that's installed in the property can also make a big difference to your outlay on bills. While you might not necessarily need this for heating your Main Beach real estate, it will nevertheless be used to provide hot water in the home.

Some boilers are more efficient than others, so find out more about the make and model that is available in your chosen home. The age of the boiler may also have a bearing on how costly it is to operate.

3. Outdoor shade

There are features outside the property that could likewise influence how much you spend on cooling each year. If, for example, natural shade is created by nearby trees and foliage, then you're less likely to have to reach for the air conditioning remote on hot days.

The same can be said for awnings. They will restrict the amount of sunlight that bounces off your property, therefore keeping it cool in the process.

Awnings will provide a shaded area where you can enjoy being outdoors, while also having a positive impact on your energy bills. What's more, they require little or no maintenance.

4. Energy efficient appliances

If you're relying on the previous homeowner to leave behind their appliances when they move, it's worth taking a look to see just how efficient they are. Moving can be an expensive time, so often the first item on most people's agendas won't be replacing an inefficient washing machine, for example.

Here in Australia, white goods are given an Energy Rating, which will help determine just how environmentally friendly they are. The more stars a product is awarded, the more efficient it will be.

5. Pool efficiency

A feature of many properties on Main Beach is the swimming pool, perfect for cooling off on summer days. However, maintaining it can account for up to a third of your energy bills, so it's important to check just how efficient the pool really is.

Equipment such as pumps and filters should be a good working order and regularly maintained. Dealing with this is unlikely to be high on your wish list when you first move in, so it pays to carry out these checks beforehand.

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