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Tips For Selling Your Property In The New Year

By Andrew Bell

If you've decided to sell your Surfers paradise property at auction, there are a number of tips you could take to heart in order to help facilitate the success of the sale.

For example, the timing of the auction could be the difference between an easy sale and an unsuccessful attempt. One of the best times to consider putting your property on the market is in the months following the start of the new year..

During this period, a lot of people will be thinking about purchasing property as their New Year's Resolutions, which could result in a large amount of interest being expressed by potential buyers.

As this demand increases and you begin to present your home as a desirable option, an auction will allow for buyers to bid in their own time on your property. This could have the side effect of pushing up your sale price, resulting a more successful sale for you and your family.

Furthermore, auctions allow you to set your own reserve price, giving you a safety net in case the bidding doesn't reach the minimum you were hoping to secure for your home. If bids don't reach this level, you can list your home for sale by private treaty.

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