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Tips for First Home Buyers: What to Look For

By Andrew Bell

If you're a first home buyer approaching the Surfers Paradise property market in the coming months, there are a number of tips that can help you to secure the home of your dreams.

For example, taking the time to conduct research into the specific neighbourhood you're interested in buying in could be the best way to scope out its potential. Take into account the proximity of homes to local amenities.

Features such as supermarkets, recreational spaces and public transport hubs could all play a role in your decision to buy a certain property. These are the various facilities that you will use regularly, so having them easily accessible should be at the top of your 'Must Have' list.

Furthermore, spending time in the neighbourhood will give you a chance to scope out residents and the overall feeling of the area. Regardless of whether you're planning on having children or not, living in a nice neighbourhood is always a great benefit.

On the topic of children, ensuring that potential homes are within zones for local schools is essential. While they may be too young for education at the moment, when they get to school age it will be imperative they can receive the best possible.

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