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Tips for creating the ultimate kitchen

By Andrew Bell

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in any household, so creating an inviting space is an important thing to consider when buying or building your own Surfers Paradise property. There are a wide range of things to consider, like whether you're an avid cook or prefer to use your kitchen as an entertainment area. Creating a versatile kitchen that can cater to all sorts of different moods and atmospheres is a great thing to keep in mind when renovating. 

Here are some things to keep in mind when designing your own luxury kitchen. 

Creating an open plan space

An increasingly popular design choice for people to adopt into their homes is an open-plan living style. The basic concept is about removing walls and obstacles, creating one big communal space for people to occupy any enjoy. This can be done with your kitchen as well, especially if you're a regular entertainer of friends and family. 

Consider having the dining room flow seamlessly from the kitchen, allowing people to sit and converse between both rooms without trouble. For example, installing a breakfast bar is a great way to achieve this. By putting one of these into your overall design, you provide a space for people to rest food, drinks or even their arms while they spend time together. Furthermore, the open plan removes any obstacles to vision and hearing, fostering a great social environment for people to enjoy. 

Another thing to consider could be creating an indoor/outdoor flow connecting your kitchen and dining room to an deck or patio. This kind of design is perfect for entertainers. Creating this flow allows people to enjoy the sunshine and outdoor atmosphere without missing out on the action inside and vice versa. 

Consider space conservation

If you're an avid cooker and love to get your hands dirty creating gourmet meals, chances are you'll need a large amount of space to keep your utensils. This is where getting smart about storage comes into play. There are a number of different options to consider, depending on the type of kitchen you're hoping to achieve. 

For example, don't underestimate the importance of drawers. Having all your plates, cups and utensils kept in drawers allows you to push and pull them out at your own leisure, rather than cupboards that open out and obstruct walking paths. Furthermore, now you can find dishwashers and cutting boards that pull out the same way as drawers – allowing you to create a cohesive aesthetic across your kitchen while keeping the creature comforts you like. 

Don't forget the smaller details

A fatal mistake many people make is getting caught up in the grand idea of their kitchen overall and forgetting to give adequate thought towards the smaller aspects. These are the things that, if done incorrectly, will haunt your day-to-day life and make things difficult in the long run. 

Things like the placement of electrical sockets and creating enough space to comfortably fit a coffee machine or bread maker can make or break a kitchen design in the long run. These are things that people often use regularly, so giving them their own permanent space within your finished kitchen is a must. Think about your own personal needs and factor them into the creation of your dream kitchen, in order to avoid regrets in the future. 

Of course, these are all just suggestions. The real challenge comes down to your own individual wants and needs, and creating a space that reflects and facilitates these. If you're interested in buying your own real estate in Surfers Paradise, get in touch with a local agent to begin discussing options in the community that could satisfy your desires today. 

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