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The RWSP Group presents the Spring Selection 2021

By Marketing RWSP

Get set for a Blooming Spring.

An amazing opportunity is upon us for anyone thinking of selling their Gold Coast property. It’s common knowledge that spring is an amazing selling season right around Australia. Many see winter as somewhat of a hibernation period, but during spring, buyers come out in force wanting to secure their property settle in prior to Christmas.

This year in particular we have an added factor which is the disappointment of ongoing lock downs in Sydney and Melbourne during the winter period. It has just reaffirmed once again that living in big cities comes with a higher risk and it is driving more and more people into regional areas, like the Gold Coast.

School holiday periods are always very significant to the local marketplace. It is a time when parents from around the country choose to take their children for a holiday break and the Gold Coast is always the number one destination.

Aside from the usual factors that make spring one of the most popular selling seasons in real estate, the Gold Coast will continue to benefit from the school holiday tourism surge and COVID-19 migration. Many buyers are also looking to secure a property prior to predicted regulatory changes surrounding pre-approvals for home loans.

There is an old adage, ‘make hay while the sun shines’ which rings true in times like this. We have enjoyed a significant boom in real estate prices for well over 12 months now, and we know most booms do only run for a limited time before the usual price correction that follows significant price hikes.

Having been in the real estate industry for over 40 years, what always disappoints me is the number of people I see every real estate boom who miss out on significant windfall by just simply mistiming the sale of their property. It is better to have sold three months too early than one day too late.

The Spring Selection is designed to target the key markets that are generating buyers at present. The program harnesses the resources that only Ray White are able to provide to ensure all of our sellers have access to the toolkit necessary to achieve the best possible sale price.

Ray White sets more record sale prices than any other agency and it is our mission to do the same for your property this spring.

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