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The Benefits of Living in a Beach Property

By Andrew Bell

Aside from the obviously phenomenal views you'd wake up to every morning – and being the envy of all your friends – did you know that living by a beach also has some other benefits?

If you're looking to invest in Surfers Paradise property or perhaps a piece of Main Beach real estate, you'll be pleased to know a beach is a fantastic place to live, and not just for its aesthetic qualities.


A beach is practically a free recreation centre.

Whether you go for a swim among the natural waves, go for a light jog on the sand or do some exercises on the wide open area, living by the beach offers a fantastic venue to get and stay fit.

Forget about the expensive gym membership and get some natural exercise near your beach property!

Health benefits

If you're not the active type, you can still make the most of the natural health benefits that a beach provides.

Even dozing off on the sand (with plenty of sunscreen, of course) will expose you to vitamin D in the sun's rays.

Sea water is also said to contain vital minerals and salts that can have a healing and therapeutic effect on the body.

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