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The Autumn Selection Auction Event 2021

By Marketing RWSP

We welcome you to the Autumn Selection 2021

Off the back of the record breaking and hugely successful Event 2021 the timing could not be more superb for the Autumn Selection auction event.

The Gold Coast’s property market is currently in a purple patch driven by a shortage of property on the market, a significant increase in buyer demand (especially from our southern states), and most importantly from strong consumer confidence that is leading people to pay higher prices than imagined through competing for properties.

One thing history has taught us so frequently is that property booms or purple patches create bubbles and price bubbles always, without fail, burst at some stage. There is usually a trigger event that happens overnight, and I literally mean overnight, which crashes consumer confidence. A 10% or greater drop in property values is a typical outcome which precipitates even further declines in property values in the following period.

For the wise property owner who has a view to sell their property, it is about the wisdom to capitalise on the best market conditions before the bubble bursts. I have learnt in my 45+ years in the industry that it is always better to have sold three or four months before the peak of the market than to miss it by one day. That is very much the situation at present.

What has kept our property market bubbling at present has been a lot of liquidity that has been pumped into the economy through massive government injections via the massive multibillion dollar JobKeeper and JobSeeker, first home buyer grants, and a host of other economic support. These major support programs finish at the end of March 2021 and this will then start to expose the damage that has been caused to our economy by the massive impacts of COVID-19, and it is a time that much of that consumer confidence in the market will be tested. The Autumn Selection could therefore not be a better timed opportunity for those who see the wisdom of selling their properties.

The Event 2021 program generated in excess of 7,000 buyer enquiries on the 130 properties that participated in The Event. This led to just over 3,800 property inspections which culminated into the most energetic and active auction ever witnessed on the Gold Coast; establishing so many new record sale prices in streets and buildings right across the length and breadth of the Gold Coast. As we only had 130 properties to satisfy the massive buyer demand, we still have a huge pool of buyers who will play a significant role in generating great results in the Autumn Selection event. It is an opportunity that most definitely should be capitalised on.

This market will definitely come to a crashing end at some stage so all sensible wisdom says to capitalise on the current conditions while they last. We very much look forward to bringing our expertise and our vast experience to promote your property so as to produce the maximum number of bidders to compete and generate an outstanding sale price for you.

As only limited numbers of properties can participate we would strongly recommend committing to this program quickly to be certain of being a part of the amazing Autumn Selection 2021.

Andrew Bell
CEO Ray White Surfers Paradise Group

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