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Tap into the Gold Coast’s community spirit

By Andrew Bell

A strong sense of community spirit is high on the wish list of many property buyers, and this certainly includes the Gold Coast. Knowing there's a friendly neighbour close by or somewhere you can meet new friends is important for many people – and this part of Queensland offers it in abundance.

Depending on what you want from your Main Beach real estate, there are various parts of the city that will offer different things to their local communities. One way to find out more about your chosen area is to speak to a real estate agent, who will be able to guide you through the process and give you an insight into specific districts.

Community first

One standout feature of the Gold Coast is its community engagement programme, which is run by the city council. Members of the public are encouraged to come up with ideas and visions to help shape the future of the city through the use of surveys, discussion forums and other methods.

Past consultations have included areas such as transportation, the environment, local libraries and tourism. Local residents play a key part in decision making throughout the Gold Coast, as the council aims to make the area better for current and future residents.

Looking out for each other

Neighbourhood Watch schemes are springing up throughout the Gold Coast – and with good reason. They offer local communities reassurance that people will look out for each other, as well as promoting social cohesion.

It's possible that when you move into Surfers Paradise property that there will be a scheme nearby, as Gold Coast mayor Tom Tate explains.

"Neighbourhood Watch has more than 50 active groups across the Gold Coast, mobilising community members to look out for each other," he commented.

"I think there's a perception that Neighbourhood Watch is only for older people in our community but everyone should take an interest in community safety."

Gold Coast groups have been involved in various initiatives over the years and the council hopes that more people will be keen to get involved. Community organisations can join forces with police groups and businesses to make the region a safer place to live, and the results are already speaking for themselves.

Making plans for the future

The City of Gold Coast is also keen to make sure the area continues to thrive, and as a result, has put the Gold Coast 2020 plan in place. This covers a number of different areas to give the city the best possible chance of success over the next four years and beyond.

The plan is divided into three categories: place, prosperity and people. If it's the Gold Coast community you're interested in, then you will be glad to hear that plenty of provisions are in place to help the city's residents.

Among the council's goals are to ensure residents of the city embrace the culture and that they are proud of where they live. Emphasis has also been placed on ensuring the community is inclusive and supportive, and making sure people lead active lifestyles.

Finding your next home on the Gold Coast

If a strong sense of community is what you're after, then the Gold Coast is the place to be. There's no shortage of things to do or ways to get involved with other locals, which is one of the reasons why property in Surfers Paradise proves so popular.

For a helping hand finding your next home, make sure you speak to the team of real estate experts at Ray White Surfers Paradise.

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