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Sustainable energy: Tips for making your Surfers paradise home cheaper to run

By Andrew Bell

Even after you've successfully purchased your own slice of Surfers Paradise property, it can still pay to keep some money saving behaviours in your repertoire as you move forward to fully embrace living in your own home. After all, living with a small nest egg for emergencies can be a great fallback plan to have for you and your family – it's better to have it and not need it than be desperate and not have it. 

One way to save money in your home is the adopt a more sustainable lifestyle while putting away all the money you save into another account. In fact, one of the benefits about purchasing a new home these days is that many of them have been fitted with more energy-efficient fixtures from the get go. However, here are some of the more common ways to make your home a more environmentally friendly property while also saving yourself some serious money in the long term. 

Ensure your home is properly insulated 

One of the biggest glaring holes for many homes across Australia when it comes to saving money is the retention of temperature throughout the year. During the winter, people spend a lot of money running their heaters to keep themselves warm, while air conditioners are often at full blast for the majority of summer days. However, there is an easier – and more cost-effective – way to manage the temperature inside your home: insulation. 

Taking the time to properly insulate your home can do wonders, especially if you go all the way and insulate both the walls and your roof space. This helps trap the warmth inside your property during the cooler winter months while keeping out the heat during the hot summer season, which means you'll be able to reduce the amount of energy you spend regulating the temperature of your home through means like heaters or air conditioners. 

Not does this make your wallet happier, but you'll also be reducing the amount of emissions coming from your home, lowering you carbon footprint and contributing towards a cleaner, greener planet Earth at the same time. 

Adopt energy-efficient appliances in your home

There are often sustainable alternatives for common household products, which can be adopted into your home in order to reduce the amount of energy used by your day-to-day living in the long run. For example, replacing your light bulbs with energy-efficient ones can cut down on the amount of power used to light your home while providing the same degree of light to your living spaces. 

Furthermore, it's possible to get low energy appliances for your kitchen and bathroom that will allow you to continue living the way you want to while subtly lowering your energy usage through more sustainable practices. Changing your fridge, hot water system, dishwasher and more with models that uses less power may seem expensive in the short term. However, the savings earned in the long term make these purchases an investment in your future. 

Consider renewable energy sources

If you're completely dedicated to a cleaner, greener style of living, consider adopting renewable energy sources for your home. Installations like solar panels or rainwater water sources are natural ways to get the things you need in your home without worrying about massive bills coming monthly. In fact, some states offer incentives for installing these types of energy-saving measures into your home, which could be something to investigate heading into the future. 

These are just some ideas to help you reduce the energy bills in your real estate in Surfers Paradise, giving you the opportunity to accumulate some wealth and work towards building a nest egg for your future. 

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