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Surfers Paradise – there’s always something to do

By Andrew Bell

You may have heard that the Gold Coast has the 2018 Commonwealth Games coming up. According to Business Queensland, this is the largest sporting event Australia is going to see this decade, bringing in athletes and tourists alike. The region will be booming with activities for everyone, including sport, arts and cultural events. It will be great for the local economy.

Certainly, it’s something to look forward to, but once the dust and confetti settles, you might be wondering what else there is going on in the area, especially if you are looking to buy a house in the Gold Coast. Well, don’t worry – there is a tonne more you have to look forward to once you move in. Just check it out.

Surfer Paradise’s NetFest

Continuing on with the sport theme, we present to you NetFest! If you love netball, then you have to sign your team up for the tournament located on the Surfers Paradise Beach – one of Australia’s best beaches.  All participants must be 18+, but everyone can get involved by coming and cheering on their favourite team. Start training the kids now, this is an annual event so they can get involved too!

Beachfront markets on the Esplanade

These markets have been open since 1995 down by the Cavill Mall and are some of the biggest markets on the Gold Coast. You can find a mix of goods – everything from tasty food items to local jewellery and premium fashion styles. Every time you go you can find something different!

Be a tourist on the Gold Coast

This is a popular holiday destination for worldwide travellers, so be sure to take the opportunity to be a tourist in your own home! Go on the dolphin or whale watching cruises. Or even take an Aquaduck tour – the car that can drive in the water as well. There’s a new adventure to be had almost every weekend.

Surf, sun and beach

True to its name, Surfers Paradise is the perfect spot for all of those who love to catch a good wave. The conditions are perfect for both seasoned surfers, or those just learning. If the kids are just starting to pick up a board, consider signing up for one of the surf schools like Cheyne Horan. Of course, Surfers Paradise Beach is a great place to just go lounge around and watch the sport if you’re not into it.

If you’re looking to buy a house in the Gold Coast, reach out to our team here at Ray White Surfers Paradise. We’d love to help you find your dream home and become a part of the community with us!

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