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Styling the perfect guest bedroom

By Andrew Bell

Making the perfect retreat for your guests is about combining the right colours, textures and accessories so they’re as comfortable as can be. However, it’s also got to be easy to maintain, fit in with your lifestyle and be budget-friendly.

Deciding on the colour

Colour choice comes down to what mood you want to create in your guest bedroom. Assuming you want your guests to relax, make sure your chosen colour palette features light and dark shades of your main colour so it’s not too overwhelming. Monochromatic or neutral colour schemes are a good choice as it’s easy to get the combination right and get that relaxing vibe spot on.

Clashing very bright colours may be too much for some of your guests and make them feel anything but relaxed – and can be harder for you to find matching accessories.

Choosing the style

You’ve got your colour scheme, but how are you going to apply it? Flowery or spotty patterns, sleek and plain, artsy kitsch!? Think about the type of guests you’re likely to be hosting and choose something that would appeal to them, and create somewhere they can chill out. Think about how comfy and cosy extras, like soft cushions on the bed, fit into your design.

If you use your guest bedroom for any other purpose, such as a home office, bear this in mind when choosing your style.

Accessorising your guest bedroom

Your guest bedroom needs more than just a bed. Think about all the extra effort that goes into a good hotel room, and what you enjoy most. Aside from a comfortable bed, where space allows, your guests might also appreciate these extra personal touches.

  • A wardrobe to hang their clothes.
  • Side tables for their alarm clock.
  • Dimmer switch lighting or a couple of lamps for night owls or early risers.
  • An armchair or small sofa to relax in during the day.
  • Spare pillows, throws and blankets to make themselves comfortable.
  • Black out blinds for lazy mornings.
  • Easy-to-access plug sockets for charging their phones or kindles.
  • Lavender linen spray or air diffuser to help them relax.
  • A small kettle with tea and coffee so they can help themselves early in the morning or late at night.

However, where space is at a premium in your Gold Coast property, or your budget is limited, look for opportunities to turn practical items into something equally as useful. A bay window makes for a comfy seat and bedding storage solution, while the back of the door can provide hanging space where a wardrobe just won’t fit.

Second-hand items sourced online or at good quality shops are perfect for the smaller accessories, like lamps. Meanwhile upcycling an old side table can make it look a million dollars. Even an old chair or varnished garden crate can do the job with style.

Should your guest bedroom have an en-suite bathroom attached, provide spare essentials, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste. Add some luxury to the bathroom with a sweet-smelling diffuser, scented handwash and matching lotion as well as your favourite shower scrubs and bubble bath.

Making your guest bedroom easy to maintain

Buying a spare set of sheets and towels in your desired colour scheme and storing them in the room saves any last-minute hunts the night before they arrive. It also means that should your guests need a fresh towel, or the dog gets its muddy paws on the bed, you can make a quick swap during their stay.

Try not to cover every surface with accessories, so you can quickly clean and polish between guests too.

If you’re looking for a new place to call home, with plenty of space for your family and your guests, contact the team at Ray White Surfers Paradise to get your search started.

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