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Streamline your property sale: Tips to facilitate successful real estate activity

By Andrew Bell

Selling real estate in Australia can be a difficult task to undertake. You don't want your Surfers Paradise property to be sitting on the market for extended periods of time, otherwise it could gain a reputation as unsellable, perpetuating the problem and making the cycle repeat.

It's important to take time out and prepare your home for the sale process, taking care of any outstanding problems and working towards making the property as desirable as possible. 

Upgraded interior design

One thing to regularly turn potential buyers off a property is the internal look of the house. While a little wear and tear is acceptable if not expected for external surfaces, it's key to pay special attention to a home's interior. 

For example, it's always worth stripping old, worn-out wallpaper and replacing it with either a newer product or a clean, fresh coat of paint. If the flooring is looking worse for wear, consider replacing it, too.

Appropriately pricing the property

Buyers are also dissuaded by unrealistic asking prices. Remember, they're most likely doing their own research and working with a real estate agent themselves, which gives them insight into market expectations. 

Make sure you price your property competitively, but without being delusional with regards to the general consensus of value in your region. 

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