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Spring time sales: Tips for selling your home

By Andrew Bell

One of the strongest periods of property sales is upon Australia and now could be the perfect time to begin preparing. Spring sees a huge increase in the number of properties being purchased across the nation, which could offer a wonderful opportunity for sellers to put their Surfers Paradise properties on the market in order to secure a brilliant returns on their home. 

Now could be the perfect time to begin prepping your home for the sale process. After all, you'll be having potential buyers coming through your home during open inspections, so ensuring your property is in tip top quality is an important thing to consider. Here are some tips to help you get your home in the best possible shape before the warmer weather and hot property market dawns on Australia. 

Spring cleaning your home

The term spring cleaning has never been more applicable than during the Australian sale season. A new season means a fresh start and a huge clean, something that should be done every 12 months. If you're planning on selling your home, you now have a double reason for giving your home a thorough clean. When it comes to cleaning houses, a lot of people simply don't know where to start. 

The main thing to remember is to be ruthless. Look critically at all your belongings and start by throwing out anything you haven't used over the last year or don't see yourself realistically using in the future. You don't have to throw these things away – sell them on the internet, give them to friends and family, or simply donate to a hospice or charity of some sort. There are a number of great ways to get rid of your old belongings. 

This will help you free up space for cleaning and generally open up the space within the home. This is important when trying to sell your home, with many potential buyers looking for homes with a wide range of usable space for their own furniture and belongings. 

Pay attention to small details

Selling property can be an arduous task. But during your spring clean, make sure you take a really close look at the smallest details of your home. When cleaning, now could be the perfect excuse to hire a professional carpet cleaner to make your floor look brand new. If your walls are looking a little worse for wear, consider giving them a fresh lick of paint. You really want to sell the home to buyers, so making it pop during your spring clean is a great way to achieve this. 

Inspect your walls for water damages and investigate under your sink and bathroom fixtures for any leaks that could cause complications during the sale process. Making sure your windows don't have broken seals or cracked glass and that all your door handles and locks work seamlessly are just a few examples of the small details that should be considered. 

Get a proper property valuation

With the market gearing up to be busy, now is not the time to be making wild guesses about the value of your home. Ensure you get an accurate measure of what you can expect to earn from the sale of your Surfers Paradise property, in order to work with potential buyers to achieve a fast, effective sale. 

Looking into the recent sale figures of properties in your local area can help give you an insight into how much you can expect to earn. But the best way to understand this is to get in touch with a real estate agent and discuss the options available to you. Their insight will give you the information needed to secure a great sale and achieve your real estate goals in the near future. 

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