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Spring cleaning tips for your home to maximise your health

By Andrew Bell

Are you starting to notice signs of spring around your Surfers Paradise property? It’s starting to warm up and it’s about to stay lighter for longer as daylight savings is just a couple weeks away (the first Sunday in October). And that only means one thing: it’s time for some spring cleaning.

Did you know, however, that the benefits of having a clean home are more than just for the sake of having a clean home?

Benefits of a clean home

Keeping your home nice and tidy helps you save money. Energy bills can spike in summer because you’re constantly running the air conditioning to beat the heat. But these systems can only work to the peak of their abilities when they are free of dirt and debris which builds up over time. A thorough spring clean removes clogs from filters, and dirt from your home which could further block up the system.

Additionally, having a clean home can improve your health. Cleansing your space helps you remove bacteria and viruses that might be lurking on dusty surfaces. A deep clean reduces your chance of catching a cold, infection or allergy symptoms – all which you want to avoid as we move into summer. Various studies conducted around the world have discovered that less mess and clutter helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Spring cleaning tips to maximise health

Begin with dusting 

You’d be surprised at how much build up there can be at the end of a long winter. Get out the old duster and give your whole home a thorough sweep. Don’t forget the less noticeable areas like baseboards, cabinets, ceiling fans and even plants.

Take a sponge or wet rag to these surfaces and walls to remove any set-in dirt. Use one bucket with a little bit of dishwashing detergent in it for the initial clean, and rinse with fresh water.

Move onto the fabrics 

Over winter, fabrics and upholstery trap and build up everything from dirt to body oil. You want to do this cleaning after you’re done with the dusting and polishing in case the dust falls onto the fabrics. If you aren’t swapping out old curtains for fresh spring patterns, then consider tossing them in the washing, or getting them dry cleaned (depending on their material).

Area rugs and couch fabrics should get a good shake or vacuum before getting cleaned. Store-bought cleaners work well, but you should test them in a corner that is out of sight to make sure they won’t harm the fabric. Carpet steam-cleaners are a good way to remove set-in stains – you can do them yourself or hire a professional.

Finish with the floors 

Finally, it’s time to finish with the floors. They should be done last as all the other cleaning methods will have likely trickled down to the floor. Begin with sweeping up as much as the dirt as you can, or vacuum the hard wood surfaces. Then give them a good mop and wait for them to dry. To protect the floors from more wear and tear, consider putting on a wax or sealer and rugs at the entrances of your home to reduce dirt from coming in.

If you have any more questions about how to make your home run most efficiently, contact our team here at Ray White Surfers Paradise.

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