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Sold! Surfers Paradise’s last Esplanade home is off the market

By Andrew Bell

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we were telling you how Surfers Paradise’s last Esplanade property was up for sale because the owner’s daughter wanted a bigger backyard? Well guess what – that property has sold!

You might be surprised to learn who the property was sold to, however.

The Surfers Paradise property expectation…

If you’ve visited this stretch of the Gold Coast, you know this area is largely built up with high-rise buildings. Developers have taken over the area and created these high rises to allow more people to live along the Esplanade.

We’re talking some of the highest buildings in the Southern Hemisphere that are under construction by some major developers, all to help bring even more tourism to the region. So when the last freestanding home on the Esplanade went up for sale, many would have predicted that it would have been another deep-pocketed developer who would have snapped up the property.

But this time around, that just wasn’t the case.

The real estate reality

Private property owner, Jason Hague, a Brisbane local, ended up winning the bidding war!

It was a fierce battle against Chinese buyers and developers of a big hotel chain – aka people with a lot of money and time to spend.

The bidding started at $5million, but the winning bid rang in at a whopping $6.55million and only took ten minutes to close. And get this, there are no plans to turn the home into multi-unit, multi-million dollar establishment. Instead, he plans on using the building as it is. It is going to be a holiday home for him and his family.

Though, as it is a dual living downstairs, Hague plans on getting some tenants and renting for some additional income. So if you plan on visiting the area, keep an eye out! You might be able to stay in this place as soon as it’s up for rent! However, since the idea of boutique living is relatively niche amongst all those high rises, you might be facing some competition to secure a spot.

Looking for the perfect Surfers Paradise property for you and your family? Contact our friendly team here at Ray White Surfers Paradise today. No one knows the area like we do – we’ll help you beat out the competition as well!

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