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Should you hire a storage unit?

By Andrew Bell

We all dream of having the big house, complete with a walk-in wardrobe and the double garage to boot. In the meantime, however, young Australians often live in smaller houses or Gold Coast apartments while saving for their dream property. When space is at a premium, you may need to explore alternative solutions to keep your belongings.

Why should I hire a storage unit?

When you enter the world of property, even as a tenant, you tend to accumulate assets over time. The nature of moving house means there often isn’t room for a lot of belongings. While many people choose to take this time to reduce their clutter, there are items that are simply quite difficult to part with. Here’s where a storage unit comes in.

A storage unit is a great place to hold spare furniture that you want to keep for future use, or house excess items tucked away. For some, a storage unit is more than an extra space to store belongings, but a place to protect investments and heirlooms. Storage units are particularly popular with those who collect and care for classic cars, especially if undertaking a restoration job. They’re also a good option for those who have inherited items from a deceased relative, and haven’t had the time or capacity to go through their belongings yet.

Before you launch into hiring a storage unit, you’ll need to weigh up whether this is a feasible investment. It’s a good idea to value the items you’re looking at keeping in the unit in terms of use and longevity, just to ensure that you’re not spending an excess to house items that you won’t actually need in the future. Depending on the size and price of the units you’re looking at, it could work out the same, if not cheaper, to move into a larger Gold Coast property.

Thankfully, there are plenty of properties on the Gold Coast that offer great space and storage solutions, at an affordable price point. Whether you’re looking at strata living, or a new house for your growing family, Ray White Surfers Paradise are dedicated to finding the perfect home for your needs. For a friendly consultation, get in touch with our team.

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