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Selling Your Surfers Paradise Property: Two Tips For Real Estate Success

By Andrew Bell

If you're planning on selling your real estate in Surfers Paradise, there are a number of things you should take note of before proceeding. These tips can help you achieve the best possible return on your home, putting you in a great financial position for moving into a new house. 

Be realistic with your asking price

One of the fastest ways to have potential buyers lose interest is to stretch your asking price too far. Take time to research the local property market and get a feel for the general trend in your community. This will provide you with an insight into the median price of property sales in your area, which can act as a launch pad for your own pricing. 

Speaking with a professional real estate agent will also give you advice about the best starting asking price, which will ensure you remain realistic in the long run. 

Create curb appeal

Enticing potential buyers to come in from the footpath into your open home is the first step to selling your home to the public. Therefore, you'll want to ensure the front of your home is looking appealing. 

Take the time to mow the lawns, trim the garden and – if necessary – apply a coat of fresh paint to the house, to make it as new and attractive from the street as possible. 

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