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Selling your property: How to appeal to families

By Andrew Bell

Selling real estate in Surfers Paradise requires a fair amount of time and effort. For one, doing your research and understanding your target market is one of the biggest hurdles. This region of southeast Queensland appeals to a wide range of people and personalities, but if you have decided on a family-orientated area, it's important to think about what these buyers look for throughout their house search. 

It's not hard to see why Surfers Paradise attracts so many families. From the glorious weather year-round, to the wide array of activities, it's an ideal place to bring up a young family. However, when buyers have young children in tow there is a whole list of things for you to consider when selling your property. Here is a brief guide to help you decipher the requirements of this target market. 

Safety first

Safety is the single most important priority for parents looking for a new home. While not every house can be completely child-friendly, it's important that you minimise any potential hazards. Stairwells, decking and pool areas all pose a danger to children, but there are some simple things you can do to make sure your property isn't a minefield. 

Think about replacing the modern, minimal railing on your staircase with something more substantial and sturdy. This also applies to outdoor areas. A beautiful, old Queenslander​ home may come equipped with a charming verandah, but make sure that it is adequately fenced to prevent falls. Install a balustrade around decked areas and balconies.

Pool areas pose a distinct challenge. While you want to make this area as aesthetically pleasing as possible, safety is an important factor to take into account. Pools are an increasingly popular feature in Queensland homes – particularly during the summer months – but you also need to comply with local government guidelines and regulations. Queensland law stipulates that anyone selling or leasing a property with a pool needs to provide a pool safety certificate, so make sure you have this sorted before you start organising a sale.

Make sure you get in touch with a real estate professional, like those at Ray White Surfers Paradise, to get a good idea of what type of Surfers Paradise property will appeal to a young family. 

Green spaces

Families need a lot more space than the average buyer and green spaces are particularly appealing. Families are putting more importance on raising children with a connection to the outdoors, so will often look for properties with great indoor/outdoor flow. A large kitchen linking to a functional outdoor area will attract a growing family – again, make sure these spaces cater for children. Whether your investment property has a large, sprawling backyard or a well-tended courtyard, the garden has the potential to impact a sale. 

Consider what plants are in the garden. Unknowingly to most homeowners, there are a whole range of species that can cause skin irritations or even poisoning. Brush up on your gardening knowledge and remove any shrubs or flowers that could pose a danger to children. 

Marketing genius

While a young couple might appreciate a property's proximity to shops or restaurants, families have a different set of preferences. For example, they will look for a property close to schools, parks and public playgrounds. Highlight these features in your marketing and advertising campaign. Your property can have the safest and most extravagant backyard in the world, but location is one of the biggest selling points.

Seek advice from the local real estate experts at Ray White Surfers Paradise to come up with an effective marketing strategy for selling your investment property. Their wealth of local knowledge and expertise can help you pin point the specific needs of the family-orientated buyer.

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