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Selling your luxury beachfront property: Tips to facilitate success

By Andrew Bell

Selling a luxury beachfront slice of Surfers Paradise property might seem like an easy task. But often you'll have your work cut out for you, especially in a populated market. The main thing you'll need to do is ensure you really sell the best features of the home – the things that make it stand out from all the others in the region. 

Here are some tips to consider before putting your luxury real estate in Surfers Paradise up for sale. 

Make your location a selling point

If you're lucky enough to have a beach front home, chances are you'll have some pretty stunning views from the property. This should be worked to your advantage as much as possible, especially if you're heading into summer – people love to have a view of the natural Australian beauty from their deck or living space. If you've got a beachfront property with views obscured by brush and bush, take the time to trim this or remove it completely, in order to provide the view buyers are looking for. 

Furthermore, while this may seem obvious, highlight the benefits that come with being right on the beach front when selling. Just a short trip across the road or down the trail and boom – you're at the beach. This is fantastic for families that have children or love to entertain with friends and family throughout the holiday season, giving the perfect excuse to dust off the swimming trunks or get the kayaks out of the garage and head down for a splash. 

Finally, take into consideration all the local amenities that are conducive to a fun-filled holiday. Things like a vibrant cafe scene, a supermarket in close proximity or a delicious local fish and chip shop at the top of the driveway are all great things to highlight when selling your luxury home. Remember: People are buying this property for the leisure involved, so make sure to point out all the little things that make it perfect for this. 

Protect the property from salt damage

One thing to consider when selling a beachfront property is the effects that salt in the air could be having on the home. Sea air can be quite damaging to certain types of stone, and taking the initiative to protect the property could be a fantastic selling point to highlight when potential buyers come around to view the place. 

For example, efflorescence occurs when moisture in the air pulls out salt from within in the material during warmer weather. However, once the water reaches the surface and evaporates, the salt is left on the surface, leaving a white residue that can be difficult to remove. Therefore prevention is the best route to take, with a wide range of different impregnating sealers available that can be applied to the surface.

These work by soaking into any open air pockets or surface imperfections and filling them, which stops moisture and salts from rising to the surface in the first place. Taking the time to do this as thoroughly as possible could be a great benefit for your selling efforts. 

Set the right price

Speak with a real estate agent from the get go to get a good idea about the various prices in the local market, in order to give you some concept of what the median sale price is. This will allow you to figure out the benchmark for your own home, which can be relied upon regardless of the type of sales method you decide to pursue. 

This will help to facilitate a speedy sales process and a quick wrapping-up of the experience, allowing you to sell your luxury Surfers Paradise property and secure a great return on your investment. 

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