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Selling your inner city apartment: Tips to facilitate the process

By Andrew Bell

When you make the decision to sell Surfers Paradise property, it's beneficial to ensure you move into the market as soon as possible. This region is popular for a number of reasons and buyers are constantly looking for the next great purchase to make – it's your job to be there when they enter the market. A lot of the properties up for sale in the region are apartments, with the area known for its luxurious lifestyle and young professional presence. 

Therefore, if you're looking into selling your apartment in the region, you'll need to take full advantage of the following tips to help you secure the best possible return on the sale. 

Presentation is a crucial aspect

While this point may seem obvious, the fact of the matter is that first impressions mean a lot more when it comes to selling an apartment – especially in a market full of them. Being able to present your slice of property as better than the others in the area is the only way to achieve sale success in the Surfers Paradise market. For example, one of the biggest selling points for apartments is capturing the light at a good angle and illuminating the unit. 

So take control of this yourself by strategically placing mirrors throughout the main rooms of the property to help disperse light evenly across the space. This has the added benefit of making your home appear bigger than it actually is – another sought-after trait in apartments being sold in any major metropolitan area. 

On the other hand, if the property is naturally dark due to orientation, ensuring you showcase the lighting features of the space could go a long way to enticing potential buyers. If you're worried about this, consider replacing your current light bulbs with more energy-efficient ones. These tend to glow a little whiter, helping create a space that appears brighter and more sterile than a dull, washed-out orange glow. 

Exude a luxurious presence

A sneaky way to help encourage people to express interest in your Surfers Paradise apartment is to leave subtle hints throughout the property of the potential glamour they could experience by purchasing the property. You're effectively selling a lifestyle to those expressing interest, so take the time to prepare. 

Things like having a couple of pairs of expensive designer shoes on the shoe rack at the front door, a fridge full of fancy sparkling water, or even special soaps and fixtures in the bathroom can allude to a special life that could be theirs if they purchase the apartment.

Of course, this can be easy to overdo so be sure to reign in the effort if it becomes too contrived. Just a few simple things around the apartment could be perfect for subtly influencing opinion in your favour. 

Flexibility with viewing times

Something to keep in mind when selling metropolitan apartments is that those interested in buying are often busy professionals who need to slip in a viewing when they have the time. While this may be inconvenient compared to hosting open inspections at set times it will be worth it if you manage to impress the right buyers. 

This doesn't mean staying up till 11 pm on a weeknight to let someone in to look around. But being flexible with the planning and perhaps opening up early one morning for a pre-work viewing or taking some time out of your weekend to show off the apartment could do wonders for helping you to sell your Surfers Paradise apartment. 

These are just some things to consider when trying to sell an apartment. Get in touch with a professional real estate agent to discuss potential things you could do to help secure an interested buyer as fast as possible. 

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