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Selling your home at auction: Tips for aiding the sales process

By Andrew Bell

If you're considering moving into the local auction marketplace and selling your Surfers Paradise property, now could be the perfect time to begin preparing for the event. There are a lot of different factors to prepare for and take care of before the big day, which can have a massive effect on the outcome of your auction sale.

Whether this is your first time selling this way or you're a seasoned veteran, proper preparation is an essential part of making the most of your auction and securing the best return possible for your real estate. Here are some tips to help you adequately prepare yourself and your property for the auction process. 

Do your market research

Something that will make you stick out like a sore thumb in the local market is not working within the current market conditions in order to maximise your exposure and potential returns. For example, taking a look at recent auction clearance figures for your area can provide you with some insight into whether now is the right time to consider making your property sale or not. 

Furthermore, look at the buyer demand when compared with the number of properties up on the market. If you're simply a drop in the lake, it could be much harder to attract people to your home – placing more efforts on your marketing and preparation. 

Finally, understanding the median price of recent property sales in the local community can ensure you have a basic expectation of what to look for in the market. This can help your own property valuation and efforts, giving you a goal of sorts to reach with your own home sale. 

Push for a great marketing profile

Putting your property up for sale means selling it to the public before they even see it in person. Therefore, you'll want to take extra care of your marketing methods and needs, in order to help increase the number of interested parties in your real estate auction. 

For example, having professional photography done for your property listing is a great place to start. After all, this is a potential buyer's first look into your home, so ensuring this is of the highest quality possible will act as an appetiser for the open inspection you'll hold just prior to the auction sale. 

Be sure to emphasise the points of difference from other properties in the neighbourhood. Having unique sales aspects to a home can be the difference between securing a sale and missing out to another, more interesting home in the region. 

Host an open inspection

Before the big day, it's important to host open inspections for your property to give buyers the chance to get an up close, in person look at the home they might be bidding on in the near future. 

When you're preparing for these events, think of it as an essential spring clean to show off your property in all its glory. This could include things like replacing old bathroom and kitchen fixtures, deep cleaning the carpet, re-staining the wooden floors and giving the exterior of your home a thorough clean. 

After all, you're trying to sell the home to someone, so creating a space that people will become enticed with and desire is the name of the game. When coupled with a strong marketing campaign, the turnout for the actual auction should be more than enough to help you secure a satisfying return on your investment. 

If you're interested in selling your real estate in Surfers Paradise, begin preparing for the The Event in early 2015. This proceeding is great for the Gold Coast property market, bringing together buyers, sellers and real estate agents to help boost the number of successful auctions seen in the region. 

Get in touch with a local agent today to begin discussing the property sale options available to you in the coming months. 

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