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Room for two: Designing a kids’ shared bedroom

By Andrew Bell

The idea of creating a bedroom for your kids can be stressful enough, let alone a space for two. Between storage spots and colour coordination, here are four of our tips for creating a spacious and organised children's shared room for your Gold Coast property.

1. Colour code

A tried and true decorative angle for a shared room is colour-coding separate items. This doesn't necessarily mean pink for girls and blue for boys – get the kids to choose their favourite colour, which will become the theme for their belongings. With colour-coding, fights over items can be minimised if they know who has what, and it's easy for you to determine who isn't cleaning up after they play. Colour coordination doesn't have to be bland – choosing bold accents that complement the staple colour can bring vibrancy to a space, and is great in stimulating the minds of children.

2. Get vertical

Having plenty of space for play is important when creating a shared bedroom for the kids. The best way to achieve this is by going vertical, both with bedding and storage. Bunk beds are a great way to save space in the room, and ensure the kids get a comfortable night's sleep. Gone are the days of the clunky metal bunk. Today, there are plenty of wooden and minimalist bunk styles to suit any style preference.

Vertical storage such as shelves can hold many items in a compact space, rather than having lots of clunky boxes around the room. This way, there is lots of room for the kids to do activities and play, as well as allowing for a quick clean up with less clutter to vacuum around. These storage options stretch beyond tallboy shelves – an over-the-door organiser is the perfect spot to put socks, while a small toy hammock in the upper corner of the room is great for storing extra stuffed animals and cushions. With vertical storage, safety always comes first, so make sure shelves are properly fixed to the wall or floor to avoid any accidents.

3. Hidden spaces

With two in a room, things are bound to get crowded – especially where storage is concerned. Storing items under the bed sounds counter-intuitive to combating mess, however, trundler storage options allow for organisation. Rectangular plastic containers easily house shoes or art supplies, and slide out and under easily, essentially turning the space beneath a bed into a drawer. A bay window and seat is an exciting feature to a room, and also has great storage benefits as the bench itself can easily double as a toy box.

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