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Renovation tips: Updating your luxury property

By Andrew Bell

Whether you purchase a glamorous inner city apartment or a sprawling estate in the hinterland, there might come a time when you want to put your own stamp on your luxury property. Owning luxury real estate in Surfers Paradise can be great in and of itself, but when you have the resources, why not splash out on some lush updates? They could even increase the resale value of your home in the long term. 

While you can indulge in refurbishments throughout the home, focus on spaces where you spend the most time: the kitchen and the bathroom. There are a plethora of luxury remodelling options for these spaces, so here are just a few to get you started. 


Bathrooms offer the greatest potential for reinvigoration. Design trends are constantly changing so you will never be short on inspiration. Think outside the box – or outside the can. Toilet paper holders can be fairly homogenous but consider interesting materials like brushed bronze, gold brass or shimmering inlays of Swarovski crystal. 

Exquisite materials like marble and stone are ever-popular, but space age technology is redefining luxury in the bathroom. Showers are the perfect place to indulge and a growing wave of innovative shower heads and nozzles makes it easy to get lost in your daily wash. You can even bring elements of the spa to your bathroom with hydrotherapy shower heads, spraying soothing streams of water from multiple outlets. 

Another trend that is growing in popularity is integrating natural features into bathrooms. Mirror the gentle pitter patter of rainfall or the bubbling symphony of streams with waterfall faucets, or make your bathtub an architectural feature. Seamless designs are favoured for their minimalism, giving the impression of being carved from a single piece of solid stone.

Designers are forever finding ways to incorporate light and music into your daily routine. The latest advancements mean that you can now sing along with your favourite musical artists under the shower head. Faucets now come complete with LED lights, illuminating the stream of water – and even changing colour in line with the water temperature. 


Whether you're a savvy home cook or a keen entertainer, the kitchen is an area ripe for updating. Consider using metallic materials as accent features. Hand-welded copper sinks and brushed bronze fittings are bang on trend and have replaced traditional stainless steel finishes, while luxe natural materials like polished granite are ideal options for countertops.

Think about how much you use your kitchen. More and more people are choosing commercial quality appliances, especially if it's a hub of entertainment. Butlers' sinks, temperature controlled larders and innovative fridges are redefining opulence in the kitchen. For the most dedicated gourmand consider a warming drawer, an appliance that holds plates while keeping food warm. You can place any meal into the drawer, which carefully controls the temperature so food stays as warm and crisp as if it was freshly prepared. 

In fact, why have one oven when you can have multiple? Many appliances also use smartphone-like technology and automated programs. Ovens now offer an interface which lets you browse through functions with just the touch of fingertip, while coffee machines can be integrated into the wall with your beverage preference pre-loaded into the menu.

If you are something of a vintner, wine fridges are a common choice – but take your enjoyment to the next level by installing a built-in or freestanding appliance, which displays and dispenses your fine wines, while maintaining them at the ideal temperature for days – even weeks – after opening.  

Before you decide on your design direction, you'll need to find the perfect Surfers Paradise property. Your local real estate professional has the expert knowledge to help you find the ideal luxury home or apartment to suit your vision. 

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