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Renovation tips: The luxurious master bedroom

By Andrew Bell

When it comes to selling your luxury Surfers Paradise property, there are a whole list of things that can appeal to the high-income buyer. Whether it's a top of the range kitchen or a sleek bathroom, creating a home that will draw cashed up interest should be a priority – and what better place to start the renovation process than the master bedroom. A sumptuous haven for sleep and relaxation, there are plenty of decorating and design options open to your property. 

Designing a no-expense-spared space for this market could be worth the extra expenditure. Given the high price tag, your buyers will likely look for stand-out features and thoughtful extras that push your property above the rest. 

High-tech haven

You might think that modern technology and sleep are polar opposites, but for the truly luxurious master bedroom, don't let your imagination hold you back. The options are almost endless. While the glorious sunshine might appeal during the day, waking up with light glaring through the blinds isn't a pleasant experience for anyone. Think about how the window coverings can create the X factor. Forget blackout blinds – motorised blinds can add that extra element of luxury when residents don't need to leave the bed to create total darkness. 

Smartphone technology can be used in this way with a centralised system that controls blinds, lights and entertainment features. With the touch of a button and a single remote you can dim the lights, lower the buttons or play soft music.

If the master bedroom is blessed with ocean views – whether its on the waterfront or soaring high in a Surfers Paradise apartment complex – think about how you can maximise them. Floor-to-ceiling windows are a great way of connecting the interior with the surrounding landscape, but be aware that your buyers will likely value their privacy.

Go a step further with in-built entertainment options for the master bedroom. Pop up televisions allow the user to give the illusion of a distraction-free room, but can drop down from the ceiling or rise from furniture.

Nothing screams luxury more than an ensuite. This is one area of the home where you can afford to splurge – after all, buyers will likely relish the personalised touches in such an intimate space. Try a truly luxury toilet. There are even options available with a motion-activated cover, a self-cleaning function and even a heated seat. In a tropical climate like Surfers Paradise, keeping the home mould and mildew free is essential – consider installing a vanity mirror with a de-misting feature and focus on an efficient ventilation system to remove damp air. 

Renovating the master bedroom can be a rewarding experience, but it's worth checking in with the team at Ray White Surfers Paradise to determine what luxury buyers look out for at the top end of the market. 

Finishing touches

Often the most mundane features of a master bedroom can make the biggest impact. Buyers are often on the look out for storage solutions, so why not make their decision easier. A walk-in wardrobe is a standard feature in luxury homes, but they can become a design feature in their own right. Depending on the size of your property in Surfers Paradise, consider extending the master bedroom to make space for a larger, customised closet.

Thinking about smooth closing drawer designs and creating a space with flattering light. Inset lighting can illuminate garments and highlight prize possessions, but also consider textures and materials. Sleek wooden panelling, mirrored finishes and glass are each on trend options for the master bedroom – you can even link the ensuite and closet areas together to form a more functional living space. 

Selling luxury real estate in Surfers Paradise can rely on a variety of factors, so it pays to have experts on your side. Talk to the team at Ray White Surfers Paradise if you're heading down this road. 

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