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Open inspections: How to really sell your home to potential buyers

By Andrew Bell

When it comes to selling your Surfers Paradise property, taking the time to properly prepare your home for open inspection is an important aspect to consider. After all, this will be the first time potential buyers will see your home in the flesh, so presenting the most attractive version of your property possible is the surest way to win them over. 

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your Surfers Paradise open inspection, in order to successfully secure a sale and get started on your own future property needs. 

Deep clean your flooring options

While it's obvious that cleaning your home before the open inspection is essential, it's always worth taking it one step further and getting a real deep clean for your floor. For example, getting a steam machine and thoroughly cleaning your carpet to get rid of any engrained dirt and oils is a great way to give your home a new sheen. 

Furthermore, wooden floors can always benefit from a restaining in order to really bring out the patterns and intricacies of the material, while tiles floors should have their surfaces scrubbed and grout lines cleaned or redone – depending on how stained they are and the amount of effort you're willing to put in. 

Remove evidence of animals

Another thing that might seem perfectly normal to you – but be a major turnoff for potential buyers – is the presence of an animal in the home. Not only does this mean getting them out of the property during the open inspection, but getting rid of any evidence of their existence.

People may not be keen to live in a property that has previously had dogs, cats or other animals in the space for a wide range of reasons. Sometimes it's due to concerns around cleanliness, for instance, while other times due to severe reactions to leftover hair. 

Regardless, be sure to pay extra attention to these details. Pick up any toys outside, fill in any holes dug in the garden and be extra sure to clean black couches and furniture of animal hair before the open inspection. 

Create a great airflow

Cracking open your curtains and windows does wonders for making the space look lighter, brighter and more spacious. A few hours before people show up, airing the property is a also a great idea. Not only does it help to let more light in, but it also gets rid of any locked-in mustiness that comes from spaces being enclosed for extended periods of time.  

This has a great benefit in summer as well, allowing for a cool breeze to flow through the home, potentially showcasing your natural air-conditioning and creating yet another brilliant sale point for your Surfers Paradise property. 

Take care of any repairs necessary

While this may seem like another obvious point, it's easy for people to forget about small things like leaking faucets or a broken ensuite handle. Therefore, go over your home with a fine tooth comb before the open inspections and take note of anything that could be in a better state of repair. 

Sometimes you have to spend money to make a sale, so if it's impossible to make a nice repair, perhaps it could be worth simply replacing the item. Not only does this take care of the issue, but it also means you can do a little bit of redecorating and make your home more appealing in the long run. 

These are just suggestions to consider that can help make your home more attractive to prospective buyers at an open inspection. Get in touch with a local real estate agent to get personalised insight into your needs. 

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