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New year, new start: What are the main reasons people move house?

By Andrew Bell

With summer here and the festive season almost upon us, it must almost be time for a new year – and with it, a new opportunity to start afresh. One thing many people consider doing over this period is packing up their homes and moving into a new property. There is a wide range of reasons why an individual may feel like moving homes, and there are plenty of options for real estate in Surfers Paradise to help make those dreams become a reality. 

Here are some of the most common reasons people decide to leave their current homes and purchase new Surfers Paradise property. 

Changes to the family dynamic

This is one of the biggest reasons that people decide to change up their living conditions. After all, having a family changes almost every aspect of your life, so ensuring you can accommodate them comfortably is important. 

For example, younger couples may need to move out of their smaller home into a larger property when they've got a child on the way. Factors like more bedrooms, a backyard, multiple bathrooms and a big living space are just some of the factors people should consider when looking into homes appropriate for families. 

However, the opposite is also true. Later in life, after the children have left home, these big family homes can often be too large and spacious for just one or two people. You'll therefore often see elderly people or empty nesters downsizing their property to find something a little more comfortable and suited to their smaller family unit. 

New education/employment opportunities

Another common reason for people to up and sell their home is a change in their current education or employment status, which means they're required to move elsewhere. Whether this be somewhere else in the city, state, country or even world, selling their home is a major factor to take care of.

After all, keeping it is a viable option if they're capable of continuing to pay off the mortgage for however they're gone. But if this isn't feasible – or the move is more permanent – then the next best option is to simply sell the property and move on. 

Massive renovations or repairs

In the event that some unforeseeable catastrophe happens to the property and the owner is unwilling or unable to make the repairs or renovations necessary, they could simply cut their losses and sell the home. 

While not as common as the other two reasons, this is perfect for those looking to find a "fix-it-up" investment home that can be improved, increased in value and sold on in a short time-frame for profits.

Of course, this is something for the seller and buyer to organise before the final contracts are signed. However, it could be an option to consider if you're uninterested in spending money to undertake massive maintenance of your current home. 

Simply looking for a change

Finally, many people decide to sell their current homes and look for new Surfers Paradise property to change up their lives and make a fresh start. Whether this be a New Year's resolution or simply a choice made, selling your house and buying new real estate elsewhere is a great way to distance yourself and get a fresh perspective on life. 

These are just some of the reasons that people might consider selling their home and looking for a new property across Australia. If you're interested in making a change, get in touch with a local real estate agent to start investigating the property options in the Surfers Paradise community today. 

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